Three Cliffs Bay

Got up a bit later on Monday 6:30am. Unusual for me I managed to fall asleep again a few times after first waking around 5. In fact we both got up at the same time which is even more unusual. Had a chilled cuppa tea and then Rich walked Merlin for a change whilst I did a workout on the campsite. Shadow boxing, agility ladder and then some bodyweight exercises… I felt a bit cool there.

Headed out to Southgate again for a big breakfast at The Lookout. Even though we sat down at 10:15am it took us to almost lunch time to finish as they were short on staff in the kitchen and we waited for almost 45mins or so. Still that breakfast was so worth it. As good as a fry up gets.

Back the same way we stopped at Three Cliffs Bay car park around lunch time and walked the well trodden path towards the coast. First through some lovely woodlands along with quite a few people. We could imagine on a sunny warm day on a weekend there would be an endless ant-like trail of people all the way between the car park and the beach.

The woodlands opened up to a stunning estuary with lumps and bumps, dry and sandy but for a tiny stream though. All topped with a view to the remains of Pennard Castle up on the steep slope.

Merlin was having the best time ever racing and bounding around this big doggy playground. There was nothing quite like it.

Climbed a steep sandy slope up to the ruin and wow… It was so worth it. This surely must be one of the best views you can find on the Gower!

Walked along the top for a bit before dropping down to the vast beach. Merlin was up for frisbee action but after all this running already we didn’t want to overdo it. Instead we walked back along the little stream with the pooch running around in it at every opportunity.

Back at the campsite our field was basically deserted. Of the thirty or so tents only four were left including ours. Had a snooze and a chill until about five before we left on e more for Mumbles.

Popped in to The Pilot pub we had seen the day before. Looks like an old school pub at first but there was a very genuinely friendly atmosphere and almost every table with a dog. Really loved it there, but had to leave after one drink to head to the Mermaid for dinner.

Got yet another super friendly reception at the Mermaid and Merlin got a couple of biscuits from the waiter. Happy days.

Had some calamari to share as a starter and as we were both in the mood for pasta ordered a seafood linguine and carbonara. Both came rather quickly and were excellent.

Never thought I’d have grilled chicken on carbonara but it really worked.

Bellies full drove back and watched some snooker in the tent before bed.

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