Cornish Winter Days

Hidden Woodlands

With the weather better again on Friday we couldn’t help but get another great coffee down in Meva before heading out to just North of Truro for a woodland walk. When you think of Cornwall most people probably think of the fishing villages, coastal towns, beaches and cliffs, but there is more to find. Especially with two pooches we’re always keen on doing walks where there is at least some stretch of off lead walking for them.

Coastal walks are rather nice for humans, but with steep cliffs we’re not taking any chances so inland walks are always a good option. Scouring the map I found a large piece of woodland near Truro called Saint Clement Wood. 280 acres managed by the Woodland Trust sounded great so I plotted a nice four mile route for an easy ramble.

Started the walk after some more fun on steep single track roads seriously doubting we were in the right place, but eventually parking up on a huge car park amidst the trees. A broad gravel path lead slightly uphill through mixed forestry and all four of us enjoyed the fragrant smells of the flora around us. The dogs were having a hell of a time especially when we walked back along a little brook with plenty of options to dip in.

After a very pleasant walk we decided to have a little wander around Truro. It’s one of those places you see a lots of signs pointing to and probably go more or less past it when travelling around Cornwall. Yet we had never stopped there.

There was no way out but single track roads, one narrower than the other so we opted for the shortest one to the nearest B-road and it was over before we knew it. Phew. Ten minutes later we parked up in Truro near the centre. Easy.

Nice little high street with the usual shops but a somewhat good vibe to it. Wandered around a bit and then found in The Old Ale House a very cosy pub with a great selection of craft beer on tap. My turn this time and really enjoyed an excellent stout and refreshing sour.

Drove back to Meva and headed down The Ship Inn for early-ish dinner at 18:30. Sure enough it was pretty busy already with all but two tables taken. Bit more nooks and crannies in there and walls decorated with all sorts of maritime memorabilia. Really liked the atmosphere and food was pretty decent, too. Great pub.

Game On

Can’t go to Cornwall and not stop in Fowey. Only this time we just wanted to grab a coffee and then do a circular walk from there. It was reasonably busy in town when we arrived just before mid-day, yet the main car park was not even a quarter full. Walked the steep hill down from it, grabbed a hot drink from The Cornish Bakery and a little cake each, then sat on a bench by the church having our goodies first before heading West to Readymoney Cove and the beach there to give the doggies a bit of a run, which they happily had.

Merlin really just wants to go for the frisbee or ball and isn’t interested in the water. Jess is similar in a way but where Merlin is totally focused on the toy, Jess is racing around, shaking her head when she gets it before Merlin or barrels straight into the water going for it no matter what. Funny how they are both are so different. We could really tell that Jess was having the best time ever. Bless her.

Onto the inland bit of the route, leading through woodland out of the cove then onto a minor road and past fields on the Saints Way.. Lovely day and we all enjoyed the walk so far. Then we heard what we thought were shots. Eh? Clay pigeon shooting nearby? More shots we heard and as we walked they got closer and closer until we saw a few people with rifles and others waving white flags around a small stream with shrubs and trees and indeed here and there a partridge fluttering about. Ah ha. We had come upon a partridge shoot it seemed.

On the Saints Way

They were far enough away from us yet as we continued walking Jess fished a dead bird out of the bushes right next to the path. She let go of it easy enough and we left it there and then. Poor thing must have continued its airborne journey after being shot.

We eventually hit the coast path just South of Polkerris and followed it all the way back to Fowey with nice views across the bay to St Austell and indeed Mevagissey. Ups and downs, fields and woodland, the walk was varied and lovely and changed again when we passed Gribbin Head with now a wide grassy slope leading down to Polridmouth Cove where the dogs could have another short run along the beach.

Looking back towards St Austell with Polkerris on the right

Eventually made it back to Fowey 3.5 hours after setting off, all of us unexpectedly knackered. Didn’t hang around much and instead drove the few minutes to Polmear to have a well earned pizza and beer Howl Brewery there.

Fowey back in sight

We were the first customers being as early as 4pm so had a nice natter with the chap behind the bar who also turned out to be the pizza maker. Hungry as we were we ordered straight away and indeed got a fantastic fresh handmade pizza. Happy days! Only chilling back at the cottage on our last full day down here.

A Worthy Sendoff

There was no rush to get home as we had all day really so did some packing and then went for a walk along the road out of Meva to the next bay of Portmellon. Coffees on the way of course (Man, they do good coffee here!) and the short walk was over before we knew it. Unfortunately, it was high tide the the small beach was completely under water. No play for Merlin and Jess, boo. Turned around and walked back to Meva and the cottage to finish packing and do some cleaning/tidying.


Just then the owners who live next door popped over. Such a lovely retired couple. Couldn’t have been more friendly and more chatty! Had a good chinwag, but really needed to get it all done so we could play with the doggies at Pentewan beach before our Sunday lunch booking at the Polgooth Inn. So we were glad, when they left, finished up and drove to Pentewan. Reasonably nice beach and since there were not that many people and dogs around we allowed Jess some more off-lead time and she did fantastically well, being more interested in chasing the frisbee rather than other dogs.

After some great running and chasing and eating sand (oops) we headed once more over to Polgooth for Sunday lunch. It was absolutely packed and we decided to leave Merlin in the car and only take Jess which was a great decision as Merlin is rather happy on his own and it would’ve been simply too much hustle and bustle for him.

Jess having the best time ever
Pentewan beach fun

Food was once more really good and we will come back to this place should we be in the area again. What a find! Walked the doggies up and down the road for a few minutes just as a drizzly rain set in. Perfect time to leave for the long journey home!

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