Rainy Day Options

The rain had started just as we had gone to bed hastily tidying up outaide. We all slept much better. Merlin much more willing to stay on his bed, so much so that we could keep the door to the inner tent open. Well, until 5:30am when a cold wet nose prodded my face for signs of being awake. What followed was a very happy waggy dog crawling into our compartment trying to roll around on our beds and ourselves. I was battling with the pooch trying to keep him off Rich and even though it was a bit early it was just too cute not to make me snigger.

Rich got up to go to the toilet and so did I once he was back. I decided just to get up then, I didn’t think I could sleep anymore anyway.

Made myself as comfortable as possible outside with Merlin whilst the rain was battering the gazebo.

Eventually I just got cold enough for hot tea not to work anymore. So I decided to walk the pooch through the woodland just after 9am.

Explored a bit of the actual woodland path, the one that doesn’t go directly down to the beach. Lush green and a short break from the rain were very welcome and Merlin very happily racing up and down the path checking in every now and then before turning on the spot and racing ahead again.

Found a fantastic viewpoint by pure chance down to the beach before taking the next turn in the path to head down ourselves.

Back at the tent Rich was luckily up, happy for a long sleep. Off we went to Southgate only a 15 minute drive away for breakfast at another The Lookout. Arrived 11:30 and just about ok time before they stopped serving breakfast. And what a lovely breakfast it was!

That’s as good as a fry up gets. Fresh quality ingredients!

Went down to the coast line for a quick look up and down but it was still wet and miserable so we drove into Mumbles instead.

Parked up 1pm at the half empty long stay right across the coastal pay and display five times as big and completely rammed with cars circling. Hm. Guess we knew something most didn’t?

Bought a fluffy fleece blanket at Mountain Warehouse to keep us warm tonight sitting outside and walked along the water with the dog desperate to play on the beach pulling and pulling us the whole time. He’s getting better at loose lead walking but if there’s something he’s keen on it all goes out the window.

We booked in to the Mermaid for Monday night dinner on the way and finally caved in playing some frisbee on the beach. Then walked back along the beach again via a fish shack for some fresh calamari. Yum.

Next up we went looking for all those promised galleries and boutique shops but most of not all were closed and it was a bit disappointing, not quite a Fowey or Padstow. But we did find the G&T bar. As in Gin & Tapas. We were not hungry at all but they were happy for dogs inside so Gin it was. Well, gin cocktail in this case.

Gin, chambord, lemon juice, sugar
9/10 points for this Mojito. So many get it wrong. G&T get it very right.

Really very nice place this. Great cocktails and the food looked also pretty good. Shame they don’t open on Mondays. We would’ve swapped out reservation otherwise.

Back at the campsite I had a snooze then then it was already time for the next pop up food stall. Got ourselves BBQ chicken wings and some pretty darn good skin-on chips. The rain stopped eventually after an entirely wet day, but we did enjoy ourselves and made the most of it.

Right on time really, we were getting a bit fed up with being wet and cold. We don’t mind rain much normally but at temperatures of around 10 and lower it’s just annoying. Cold start into May.

Luckily that was the last of the rain so looking forward to another great day on the Gower peninsula.

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