Vamos a España!

Two years late we’re finally back in Spain! Had to defer the trip twice due to a certain pandemic and not wanting to faff with tests, masks, forms and quarantine we waited until most if not all restrictions had been lifted to go onto our second motorbike tour in Europe.

We had really loved our first trip in 2019 and learned a fair bit. The biggest lesson was to not stay for just one night in each hotel but rather two or three. Packing every morning became a chore and not having time to explore some of the lovely places we stayed at felt we were missing out.

We had also suffered a lot of sweating in our textile motorbike clothing would you believe it. So this time we took very airy jackets, bike jeans and shoes instead of boots with some fleeces and warm base layers should we need them.

I had now the comfort of a top box that takes a helmet and Rich learnt the hard way that you pack an overnight bag for the ferry to avoid faff and lugging panniers around.

We were also on different bikes, having swapped our naked ones for sports tourers with more comfort yet more power. Vrooom!

Set off at 10am-ish with a fresh 12 degree sunshine and clouds to leg it down the motorway to Plymouth giving our light jackets the first test. With a t-shirt, fleece and windproof layer under our jackets it was indeed doable at 70mph. Great!

Ready to go!

Stopped for coffee just after half way and arrived in Plymouth 13:20 a good two hours before the ferry would leave. Time for more coffee and a snack at the restaurant next to the check in and then joined the queue basking in the sun. And basking, and basking… Two hours later we finally made it onto the boat. That took forever!!! Glad it wasn’t raining.

Had a chill in our cabin then out for drinks only to realise most people had the same idea so once we had made it to the front of the queue we took no chances and double parked 😁.

Tired but happy.

Then dinner and again we seemed to have chosen peak time, but there is really not much to do on a boat so we didn’t mind queueing again.

A round through the shops and outside in the wind we found ourselves at the bar again with a box of Bailey’s caramel chocolates. We’re on holiday, right?

132.6 miles

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