Two Markets

Got up 7:45am after another night with not much sleep. Merlin was getting a bit more used to people outside our room and barked a few times less, but the morning traffic just wouldn’t let me sleep.

Walked to the dog friendly beach and although the sea was once more way too far out we enjoyed some play-time with the ball on the sand. Merlin was really going for it and dragging his heels on the way back to the hotel. Had a chill whilst Rich was catching up on sleep. Before Rosie picked us up at 10am.

Drove to Lancaster for the small market at the town hall. Rain was promised most of the day but with waterproof jackets and umbrellas we were prepared. Got pies, doggy treats, jam and honey at the market which was a bit of a sorry sight in the drizzle.

We love pies!

Had breakfast at a doggie friendly cafe where we had picked up coffees earlier. Big pot of tea and amazing waffles! Why not. We’re on holiday.

Wandered around a bit more then back to the car and onwards to Carnforth for 2pm. Parked just outside at a layby to walk into town along the towpath.

Merlin was ever keen to get into the water but it looked muddy at the bottom, had algae in it in places and wooden planks around the edges so getting out would’ve been interesting. Still eventually he found his way in and all of a sudden realised it was too deep to stand so he actually had to swim. His first swim ever! He looked a bit surprised but managed well and we hoisted him out using the handle on his harness. It’s there for a reason 😂.

Stopped at a pub right by the canal for a cold drink, then walked the last bit into Carnforth. The market was just setting up for 3pm. It wasn’t very big though. So we saw it all in about 15mins. Nice but not inviting to stay and all those people were getting a bit too much for Merlin so we had some well overpriced churros (£6.50 for 6) with sugar and chocolate. And went looking for the café at the train station hoping for a bit more peace and quiet.

Not bad this Carnforth market

The café was closed so instead we sat inside the station entrance hall and hunted for a pub for dinner in Lancaster. Booked The Waterwitch and then walked back to the car, all of us knackered now especially 15 year old Kai. Bless her.

Tired boy on the way back.

Rosie dropped us off at our hotel 4:30pm. Had a snooze and a shower then back to Lancaster for dinner 18:30.

The pub was right by the canal and we immediately liked the atmosphere. Got a table inside at the end by the emergency exit with plenty of room for the dogs to chill. Very thoughtful. In fact service was absolutely fantastic. Super friendly, knowledgeable and accomodating.

Food was good too, not perfect, but pretty good. We’d go back any time.

Beef stroganoff with flatbread and turmeric rice
Apple and blackberry crumble tart.

Bellies full we walked a short bit along the canal, but being just too tired we went back to the car not long after. Rosie dropped us off at our hotel again and we said our goodbyes.

So good to see Rosie again! Shame we didn’t have more time, but we promised to meet again around Christmas time. So that was it. Morecambe. Sad to see it so derelict in places. But the new Eden Project right by the water brings hope for a desperately needed uplift in the local economy and the money to do up all those run down places and open new ones.

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