Going with the flow in Morecambe, Heysham, Lancaster

Friday morning we finally saw our friend Rosie again after two years or even more? Met her outside our hotel 9:30 to walk along the seafront for breakfast at the Stone Jetty Café.

It was so great to see her again and catch up and all the things that had changed since we last met, munching our breakfast sandwiches, slurping hot drinks whilst enjoying the view over the bay.

We then walked leisurely down south along the seafront to another café for a quick stop and break from sweating in the thick humid air. Merlin was quite tired by then so we had a chill and a snooze at the hotel at noon for a good hour and a half before driving over to Rosie’s for a cuppa and to see her new house.

Drove over to the small centre of Heysham and walked up to the remnants of an old Saxon chapel from the 8th or 9th century. Brilliant views across the bay. Little wander around then ice cream and more wandering around amongst some lovely houses and cottages.

More tea at Rosie’s afterwards whilst having a look at options for dinner in Lancaster. Rich found The Three Mariners pub which looked nice and allowed dogs so we booked a table for 18:30.

Found the pub tucked away from the main road with nice fairy lights surrounding the outside tables. Friendly welcome as we walked in and very friendly service throughout.

A quick look at the menu and all three of us went for the Lancaster Hot Pot with lamb, veg and slices of potao on top. And man, it was piping hot indeed!!! We carefully munched away whilst both dogs both slept peacefully under the table. That was a first for Merlin who normally needs to have a look around at everything and then lies down in the middle of the place if he’s not chewing on his lead. Good boy.

Food was absolutely delicious once it had cooled down to a temperature that wasn’t scorching our gums.

Decided to go for a short wander up to and around the impressive castle afterwards, then through town back to the car.

Dropped off Rosie and then headed back to our hotel and straight to bed after a lovely day. We were absolutely shattered. The continued lack of sleep each night with Merlin waking us up barking just when we had dozed off was taking its toll and spoiling the fun a bit. We can only really sleep between midnight and 5am or so. That’s when the doggy burglar alarm is off and the traffic is not keeping us awake. I really should’ve brought ear plugs. Duh.

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