On the Road Again

No barking at all until 7am. Good boy Meelin. And hardly any traffic outside on Sunday morning. I had slept better than the last four nights!

Rich took Merlin for a play at the beach 7:30am and I had a well earned easy morning staying in bed reading and chilling.

Packed up and left Morecambe 9:45am for the 1+hr drive to Broughton-in-Furness a small village on the south western border of the Lake District. The drive had been fairly scenic so far and Broughton seemed to be a good stop for us for many reasons: roughly half way, there was a café and what seemed a good easy walk to stress the legs with the pooch.

We couldn’t have found a better spot. Arrived at 11am but found the café closed. However, there was a better option. A chuck wagon at the market square had some dirty breakfast baps for us: sausage, bacon, egg and black pudding. At least as good as any café could make it.

Exactly what we were in the mood for.

So far so good. So off for part two, a green dotted line on Google Maps is a sure sign of a decent footpath and that’s what we found.

It looked like an old railway route as straight as it was with steep banks left and right and was just what we wanted. Dog off the lead was happily trotting ahead as we soaked in the fresh air fragrant with the smells of moist greenery.

Found a lovely little lake as well with a family and a young dog. Off Merlin went into the water running around with the other dog who didn’t quite fancy the water but did fancy the running nevertheless. Happy days.

Walked a bit further and turned around and walked the same way back, pooch bouncing around, at one point heading steeply up the bank and jumping down onto the path in one big leap, faceplanting the ground eating mud. Ouch. It all happened so fast we couldn’t stop or spot him at all. Luckily he was okay and we carried on.

Kept driving on the scenic A road to arrive in St Bees 13:30. The hotel was a stone throw away from the beach. Too early for check in we had ice cream at the café and sat by the beach for a bit. Morecambe had been all sand but the actual water too far out. This one was all stones but had the water. Score.

Time for Merlin to finally take a dip in the sea. And so he did. The waves were very low so no issue there. He splashed through the water bouncing around and having great fun. Later I got his ball to throw in which was even more fun.

Merlin owning the beach walk

After a cuppa tea from the café we checked in, but had to wait for the cleaners to finish with our room. Time for beers in the sun then, bummer.

One happy pooch.

Settled into our spacious room afterwards, showers and a chill. Had our pies for dinner and made good use of the lounge area – yes our room has a lounge area – to watch a movie hoping for Merlin to catch up on some sleep.

Low tide

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