More Lifting, More Fooding, More Boozing

Bit of a déjà vu today. Started off with a slightly later but no less sweaty lifting session at Snap Fitness of which after four sessions we really grown fond of. Almost felt like an independent gym and not part of a franchise.

Then coffees and a tiny bit of artisan cake at the patisserie around the corner around lunch time to tie us over before we caught the super cool catamaran ferry at 1:30 to go to Northshore Hamilton. Close to the airport and with a lot of apartment buildings it looks like an area where there’s nothing to do. Nothing maybe, but for one thing: Eat Street.

Eat Street is basically around 70 food stalls situated in containers with everything from Chinese to Thai or Korean, Brazilian, German, South American. Burgers, seafood, dumplings, wraps, waffles, ice cream, doughnuts, juice, beer, wine.

This had our names written all over it. There were also a few stages with music on and a few touristy stalls with stuff. Where to start???

We just had a wander around first mentally putting stalls onto our list. Then went back to a few to eat. Had some Brazilian chicken croquettes and beef empanada (I just love South American food.) Then shared pork and shallot dumplings and a trio of burger sliders. That was it. Stuffed.

So what did we think of Eat Street? Not bad. It felt a bit synthetic in its setting and not like a nice street food place tucked into a neighborhood. Food allowed good at almost every stall and the few bits we had we’re good, but not necessarily overwhelmingly so. Best were the empanadas and chicken croquettes.

Well done Brisbane. Everything in Eat Street was recyclable. Even the Oyster shells were put to good use.

It was already 4pm by the time we left, catching the ferry back to Tenerife (Not quite as far as the island giving this neighbourhood its name.) From the ferry terminal we headed straight to Newstead Brewing, one more Brisbane brewery.

Really liked this place which was just around the corner from Green Beacon we had been to a few days back. Newstead looked definitely more like a typical craft beer brewery with tap room again. Visible tanks in a converted warehouse with simple but rustic interior and the mandatory kitchen serving fancy grub done well. We actually really liked it. Had a couple of beers and soaked in the atmosphere.

Newstead Brewing

Made the walk across to Range Brewing, but the place was packed and very loud, so we turned around and left heading over to The Triffid next. A typical bar with half open courtyard, lots of green stuff dotted around, a decent selection of beers and live music. Whilst they had a couple of smaller stages, they also had a proper live venue attached to the bar area and sure enough we could hear a band through the token wall.

Had just one drink and then wandered back towards the CBD looking for a pair of scooters to rent which we found shortly after thanks to the scooter app. Shot along the pavements and even managed some uphill riding, before entering the riverside walk and slowing down for the increased number of pedestrians.

Dumped the scooters after another fun ride on them, got some takeaway Sushi and then headed back home. Where did the time go? Already 20:30 by the time we got back. Put a wash on (how convenient) and just chilled a bit as we have an early start tomorrow for our tour of Stradbroke Island or as the locals say “Straddie”.

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