Scooting, Fooding, Boozing

Wow, has it been a week already? How time flies when you’re having fun and fun we’re certainly having. Yet it feels like we’ve only touched the surface so far.

Saturday morning we spent again at the gym, Rich struggling a bit with a hangover and still aching from the last two sessions. Fair play to him for not dropping out, I would’ve totally understood if he had.

Showers at the apartment and then we headed into West End again, but this time on those electric scooters you can rent for a ride just with your phone and an app. I know, I know… they are not without issues. At least in other cities. They’re vandalised, thrown around or just piled up as useless junk. Not so in Brisbane. There are two companies offering scooters. They are almost always neatly parked up by the side of the pavement, often in groups of two and more. Half of them still have the helmets that they come with. At least two thirds are charged fully.

Scooting around town

I quickly installed the app and then found us two scooters. The app even linked in to GoogleMaps telling us how long it would take to scoot to our destination. There are also no-scoot zones and sure enough our scooters reverted to manual acceleration only.

So off we went around 11am across a footbridge into Southbank first, then along the river on a cycle path into West End once more. Last time we had no seen much, so we had decided to go back, really liking the alternative vibe.

First stop and drop off for our scooters was the Davies Park Saturday market. It was busy but not rammed around lunch time. Stalls were mainly local produce, fruit, veg, meat, but also some handcrafted wares, hats, clothing, jewellery. Bought some kangaroo jerky and I bought a nice metal water bottle with leather case and strap. Something rustic for my hiking tours, that would replace the plastic bottle I’ve been using.

Had a fresh juice really feeling the heat today and then some lunch grub from the street food stalls. Quite a decent choice and we probably could’ve gone for any of them. Rich ended up with a Greek lamb wrap, I had a Japanese pancake with Teriyaki chicken. Both excellent. Of course.

Kept on walking along the river into Orleigh Park reading some displays about the sad history of local Aborigines, how they were pushed out of their own settlements and mistreated by European settlers. It was only in 2008 that the Australian Prime Minister publicly apologised to the Stolen Generations. A generation of children forcefully taken from their Aboriginal families to grow up as “White Australians”.

Since 1998 there is a National Sorry Day at the end of May in Australia to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of Australia’s indigenous population. To me it feels a bit token to be honest. Sorry, our ancestors destroyed your lives…. At the same time it is a massive step in the right direction… to recognise what happened and accept responsibility for the resulting problems today.

Headed North again towards Boundary Street with a brief stop at The Montague Hotel for iced coffees. Boy was it hot today. Dropping out on Boundary Street right where the Archive Beer and Bistro Boutique was we decided it was time for a cold hopped beverage. Chilled inside for a bit with the aircon nicely cooling us down, then decided to play some table tennis, which was great fun! Think we were at it for at least 45 minutes. The table had seen better times and the bats were super basic, but that didn’t spoil the fun in the least.

Chilling at the Archive

By the time we left the Archive it was already 4pm. Quick drink and purchase of two t-shirts at Brisbane Brewing, one drink at the bustling The Bearded Lady, then on to another attempt at getting a proper Mojito. The Jungle Tikki bar looked promising and we certainly like the style very much, however… Mojitos were not proper once more. We actually wondered if you simply didn’t get one here in Oz? Maybe they do it differently? For once, there is no brown sugar at the bottom, they rather use sugar syrup. They also don’t bash the mint. They don’t do crushed ice, but ice cubes instead. It all results in a drink that tastes like minty water. Disappointing.

The Bearded Lady, too bad we couldn’t stay longer.
Jungle Tikki…. hm…nice place, not so nice Mojitos

The Boundary Street Market with numerous stalls was just as disappointing. By now we were hungry, but only found two stalls there. Boo. Well, up North once more back to another place we had really liked previously: Saccharomyces. Half 6 now it was vibrant, but not packed. Found a table, ordered the last drinks for us today and the Meat Lovers sharing platter.

Needless to say that beers were great once more and the Meat Lovers platter delivered. The smokey brisket was a delight. So was the pulled pork and beef chilli on nachos. It was plenty for the two of us and full of food we wobbled home.

Only watched a bit of Netflix, before we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore. Another great day in the bag.

We really liked West End. It has quite the alternative feel to it. A little bit like Stoke Croft/Gloucester Rd. at home. There are lots of nice bars and restaurants and it would probably take a few weeks to explore everything here worth exploring.

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