Lazy Cornish Autumn Days

With the weather turning dark, windy and a tad wet our holiday mood changed from wanting to walk all day to wanting to chill by a fire all day, yet we didn’t come all this way to do the latter.

Rich definitely defines the breakfast time. About an hour after he gets up it’s fry up time, whilst I’ve already been up for a good two hours at least reading or studying Spanish. And we’re both happy with this arrangement.

Left half 10 on Tuesday morning to drive down to Devichoys Wood which is just around the corner but a bit awkward to walk. Another rich and wild woodland with a short circular walk. Just under half an hour of happy time mostly for Merlin, but also for us watching the little lad being so content.

Devichoys Wood
Looking back towards the viaduct where our cottage is

Next stop was Mawnan Smith, a small village further South. Nothing special about it really but for a fantastic coffee shop. AWNA was stylish with a super friendly atmosphere serving our favourite roaster’s beans: Origin. We nerded about for a bit about a few of their different roasts with the lady behind the counter then sat down with a cappuccino and latte respectively and a slice of fantastic apple cinnamon cake. Yum.

Coffee and cake

Next up was Trebah Garden just down the road. A trust was looking after 26 acres of sub-tropical gardens leading down to a private beach. It was definitely worth the £13 we paid each at the door. It felt more like an arboretum or botanical garden really. Impressive specimen everywhere and nice little themed areas like the “Bamboozle” and “Water Garden”.

Merlin was very amazed by the huge carps gently floating just above the bed of the Koi pond but found being on the lead amongst all those unfamiliar smells quite frustrating. So he got a brief frisbee play down at the little beach even though it was rather blowy and not very nice for lingering any longer than maybe then minutes.

Made our way back to the car and drove just 20 minutes or so into Porthleven nearby. The harbour area reminded us of Mevagissey, but a little bit bigger. Found The little Mussel Shoal right down by the harbour and had a very late lunch with some calamari and their version of dirty fries. Both were excellent yet massive portions. Really lovely little place down here and we enjoyed the atmosphere a lot despite the constant slightly cold wind.

Vowing to come back on day in nicer weather we drove back home since it was already three o’clock. Quick change of clothes at the house, then a short walk down the road to a small industrial compound with a hand full of units of which the last two were occupied by Dynamite Valley Brewing.

It was a bit of a punt, but we were glad we had come. It looked a bit like a working brewery with a bar as an afterthought and not open at all if it wasn’t for the two men sitting at said bar confirming we could stay and have a can or bottle of beer. The bar was only open Fridays and Saturdays.

At Dynamite Valley

Just seconds later the owner emerged and we immediately got into a conversation with him, what he’s brewing, how he started, how it’s going etc. What a lovely chap. He got us a couple of drinks before going back to work. What a great experience to just sit there what him work, drink his beer and it really felt all very original. Loved it.

Back at the house we skipped dinner. We were still way too full from the generous lunch. So just settled and watched a movie.

Wednesday started just as dark and murky as Tuesday had. Not much planned for today other than meeting my colleague Mark who lives on the outskirts of Penzance for lunch in Marazion. Looked at the map and decided to check out Tehidy Country Park near Hayle on the North Coast. Glad we did.

It was still blowing quite substantially, but we walked 3 miles through lovely woodland, at times next to a golf course. The area is vast and we had to cut the walk a bit short to not be too late for lunch, but it’s well worth a visit, very dog friendly and even free.

230 year old beech tree

Drove the half hour down to Marazion and met Mark right at the car park. Gosh the sea looked wild here. Definitely not a beach day today. Good thing we went to a little restaurant to sit inside, catch up and have a bite to eat. Was great seeing him again in the flesh, the last time had been well over two years ago. We kept it light thinking of our curry part two back at the house.

Said goodbye to Mark afterwards and treated Merlin to a bit of ball throwing at the beach since he so craved for it. Whenever we’re walking near a beach he is so desperate to get on it and play. Bless him.

Marazion beach with St Michael’s Mount

What now? We were half tempted to call it, but St Ives was only half an hour away and it’s one of our favourite places down here. We both wanted to go back there at point so heck, let’s just do it now!

Said and done. Parked up around 3pm and walked down to the harbour. It was reasonably busy despite a grey sky and stiff breeze, but we could easily find a seat at the coffee and drinks place we knew from previous visits. Score. Coffee and hot chocolate whilst sitting by the door watching people walk past. Great spot. Got another round in, but booze this time. Mojito for me and half a Guiness for Rich. Ah. Chill time. Shame we weren’t staying nearby, could’ve easily sat there for quite a bit.

Hot drinks and people watching
Merlin is also relaxing for a bit.

Wandered onwards along the harbour and then through the shop lined back streets which brought back memories from our last visit. Yes it’s touristy here, but there is something about St Ives that just works for us.

Drove back to the house eventually after a fantastic day. It felt like we had made the best of it again without too much stress and whilst I normally have a long list of things to do and see, I’m making it up as we go this time, just having a look the night before or in the morning even. Feels a lot more relaxed and chilled this way.

Warmed up our leftover curry and finally ventured to the local pub around the corner afterwards. Happy times!

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