The Most Southerly…

Well, there is always a superlative of something. The biggest, the highest, the smallest, the oldest etc. Yet down here in Cornwall we definitely have the most southerly of something. And to find those somethings you want to go to The Lizard Peninsula. Here we have the most southerly point of British mainland, the most southerly village on the British mainland (The Lizard) and also the most southerly parish.

Doesn’t mean anyone should go there just because. Yet it happens to have some stunning coastline going for it, so we went today. I did the morning walk with Merlin first and did some Spanish study before waking Rich just before 10am. A fry up later we were on the 40-minute journey down to Lizard in bright sunshine and quite a bit of traffic.

Parked up on the green right in the village centre and went for a coffee first. A few shops lined the central square along with a butchers and pub. Merlin wasn’t too keen on us sitting down minutes after getting out of the car and whinged quite a bit until we had finally finished our coffees and were starting our circular walk. After all it was already half past 12!

A small tarmac road lead us down towards the coast and Caerthillian Cove. We let Merlin off the lead for a short bit as there was seeming nothing for him to get into trouble. Seemingly. We passed a field with a gate and a hedge on the left side of the road and nothing on it. Seemingly. Just as I spotted the two massive pigs on it, Merlin smelled them and went mental. He’s never smelled anything like that before and it must have been absolutely amazing. He was racing up and down the hedge trying to peer over it and figure out where the smell was coming from. Back to the gate and I worried he would just squeeze underneath in his olfactory frenzy, yet he came racing back seconds later desperate for having another go at the hedge so I blocked his way quickly and grabbed him as he barrelled into me. Phew!

I’m sure he wouldn’t have done anything other than stopping a few metres short of the animal totally at awe and probably intimidated by the size, yet disturbing or even upsetting farm animals is a big no-no.

On we went now onto a footpath reaching Caerthillian Cove shortly after. Wow! With the blue skies, azure water and white foaming waves crashing onto the dark grey rock it was quite a stunning scene. We lingered for a bit, then walked all along the coast to Lizard Point, the most southerly point of British mainland. It also had the most southerly café and ice cream parlour.

So we sat down for a bit with a scoop in a waffle cone each just people watching and marvelling at the coastline. Stunning warm day so far. There had been hardly any wind and we had gotten rather warm in the sun. Mid-October! There were a few people down here, but I wouldn’t call it busy, yet we could imagine what this place was like in summer.

Onwards we went but stopped just a minute later to squint down at the water… indeed there was a grey seal floating in there. Whoop! I never spot anything, but this one was obvious. Awesome! We saw another one shortly after and then later at the Lifeboat station another one. That’s two more than I had aver spotted before on any British coast, haha.

Really enjoyed the rest of the walk past the impressive Housel Bay Hotel and some stunning thatched roof houses as we made our way back towards Lizard at Church Cove. It had been a fantastic walk with a few stops to just soak it all in. The sun was still shining from a bright blue sky so to the pub we went. Shame the outside tables were in the shade and we quickly had to put a couple of layers on. Mid-October after all. Yet the beer was fresh and crisp and just right after another great day out and about.

Just under 7k

We gave Kynance cove a miss as it was already four o’clock and instead drove back home for showers and to start soaking lentils for our curry night. We had brought all ingredients for an authentic British Indian Restaurant curry and dhal. So spent the rest of the evening putting it all together and it was worth the effort. What a finish to a fantastic day!

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