A stroll with lunch in the middle

Rummaging through the Cornwall attractions and things to do folder in the cottage we had come across a leaflet for the Pandora Inn, a waterside pub nearby with a few walks around it. The pub looked amazing with its thatched roof and the menu just as appealing so we had booked ourselves a table for Sunday lunchtime. Why not.

Took Merlin for a slightly shorter walk around the nature reserve to blow off some early morning steam and then drove the 10 minutes down to Mylor Bridge through lovely autumnal woodlands. The small car park by the creek had only two cars on it thanks to off-season so we parked up and started our little walk just after half 10 on a sunny Sunday.

It was glorious for a few reasons. Merlin could be off-lead almost the whole time as we were quite low and not on a cliff edge and any properties or fields were protected by thick hedges or fences. Good times! The sun broke through the leaves of the trees lining the path creating an intricate pattern of light and shade on the many leaves on the ground and we could catch a glimpse of the ever widening Mylor Creek to our right and the many boats moored there.

Choosing a rather gentle pace we still arrived a bit early at the pub so sat outside with a drink enjoying the views and the chilled Sunday atmosphere. Just after midday we were sat inside the cosy pub in a corner on probably the smallest table available, never mind it was perfectly fine though. Collected our plates full of meat and all the trimmings from the carvery upstairs shortly after and gorged on a fantastic Sunday roast. As far as a carvery goes, this was pretty damn good and we were glad the plates were not bigger otherwise we may have piled even more on it.

Stuffed we wobbled back out into the sunshine to finish the circular walk. Arriving back in Mylor Bridge an hour later. What a brilliant day so far! Chilled back at the cottage and actually all ended up snoozing eventually then just hanging out reading or watching stuff.

Eventually, got up and dressed to walk across to the pub around half five only to find it had shut for the day at four. Boo. We both had looked forward to a chilled drink there. Well, another day then. Still full from the roast we skipped dinner and just relaxed watching a movie at the cottage.

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