Cornwall has stuff we really like

Well, here we are again in lovely Cornwall. Another week in another cottage. We had really loved it in autumn last year so it was a no-brainer to come back around the same time of year.

Yet with a few improvements. We wanted to be a bit closer to an A road and avoid longer journeys on small country lanes. A nice off-lead morning walk for Merlin nearby that doesn’t mean we’re driving there would be fab. And of course a pub in walking distance.

Looks like we struck gold with the Flying Hooves cottage in Ponsanooth just outside Falmouth. Arrived late on Friday well in the dark just before 10pm after a good 3.5 hrs drive down. Being tired and unfamiliar with the area we missed the turn off down the drive to the cottage which is literally next to an arch of a massive viaduct. Turned around and found our cottage. Lovely little one storey building with a few others around on the same property. We half unpacked and went to bed almost straight away.

Saturday morning beckoned with bright sunshine and wet grass and trees glistening in the warming rays. What a marvellous autumn morning. I went out with Merlin for a short walk around a horsey field without horses opposite the cottage, then drove over to Truro to get some wet food for Merlin which we had forgotten to bring (duh).

Morning walk with Merlin

Had a small fry up back at the cottage before venturing out to explore a local nature reserve. Whilst it feels like we’re really tucked away all it take is a short walk up past the house next to us to get to the main road through Ponsanooth… and the pub… and the lane up to the nature reserve. Awesome.

Fifteen minutes later we entered Kennall Vale Nature Reserve. Imagine an autumnal woodland with a little stream and quite a few other dog walkers. Don’t blame them, it was doggy heaven here and Merlin happy as a pig in shit bounding through the trees and through rustling leaves getting his paw wet in the stream.

It wouldn’t be Cornwall if there weren’t any ruins of sort and sure enough just five minutes in we encountered the first derelict buildings being slowly reclaimed by nature with moss and ferns. More and more emerged including altered water courses feeding what was a water mill that had ground charcoal and sulphur into fine powders (separately of course). Whilst most industrial ruins here are remnants of tin mines or quarries, this one was the site of the Kennall Gunpower Company from 1812 – 1910 supplying gunpower to the mentioned mines and quarries in the area but also worldwide.

It was just so perfect for Merlin here, he was so happy exploring, ears flopping as he ran here and there. Tick one.

Had a little chill and snooze back at the cottage then drove 10 minutes into Penryn for coffees. It may sound a bit weird at first to go to a particular place just to get a coffee, but this was no ordinary coffee. It’s where our favourite coffee roaster had started before branching out across the South West. We had found Origin coffee a few years back at a little coffee shack at Torcross beach and been ordering their beans ever since. Now we went to their café in Penryn and man, was that coffee good. Having it done properly with a good machine and by a good barista…. yum! Tick two.

Walked up the high street which was disappointingly quiet and deserted. Well, at least now we know. So drove another 10 minutes to the outskirts of Penryn to the Verdant brewery tap room. Verdant is one of Rich’s favourite breweries and he’s been wanting to come here for a long time. We finally made it and he was in beer heaven. Never mind the place was as nice as it was a typical craft beer tap room style-wise. Yet we really liked the atmosphere and had a couple and a fresh sourdough pizza to go with it. Tick three.


Back at the house some chilling after a wonderful day that had something for everyone, but most importantly something we really like.

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