Would be rude not to…

… pop into one of my favourite places in North Wales. Since we’re in the area.

Getting pretty cold we had retired to the tent around 8pm, Merlin curling up straight away, bless him. We both moved a bit during the night but slept until 6am when we both needed a wee, haha. The lake had been a good choice after all, there was hardly any wind during the night at all.

Staying warm with my down jacket

Instant porridge and dried mango for breakfast along with an instant cappuccino. Not gourmet but fuel for the 5k or so back to the car. I really hadn’t packed enough food. I was so hungry yesterday and boshed nearly all my chocolate. More food to take on day 2.

Merlin was happy playing at the water again whilst I packed up including more zoomies. I guess he was happy and tired at the same time.

Left camp exactly as we found it 7:30am just as the sun was peaking over the top of Crib-y-rhiw. Picked up a faint path which turned out to be a different one than last night. Freelanced a bit over tussocky ground to find the main path without problems.

Bye bye Llyn Dulyn.
Great views ahead to Llyn

Views were stunning in the early morning light. Llyn and the Snowdonian peaks illuminated by the early sun.

Plenty of sheep around so Merlin on his much hated lead pulling this way and that. Too much distraction.

The path eventually turned into a bridleway and walls both sides gave Merlin some off lead freedom.

Passed a neolithic burial site of which there are a few in the area which make the valley one of the most significant archeological areas in the UK.

They don’t do ’em like this anymore.

Back in the lush woodland Merlin had another round of running his socks off dashing in and out of the water. Back at the car 10am. Once more I had come back from a long walk with two sore heels. One with a big blister. As soon as my feet start sweating I just get them. It’s so annoying. My boots are the most comfortable ever, my socks brilliant, still I get them. Must try wearing two socks next time.

Took my time faffing, having some food, breakfast for Merlin as well. Changing into sneakers and eventually setting off towards Beddgelert. Just because we were close and I love this place. It’s just so stunning with the surrounding mountains and lovely little cafes and the river.

Arrived 11:30 lucky enough to get one of the last parking spots. Had ice cream at one of my favourite parlours in the UK and then did some planning. The original Cnicht route was 14k but with a good deal of off piste walking… No good with blisters.

Looked at a few other shorter walks but none had camping near water. So looking back at Cnicht I chose a shorter 10k loop from Croesor with a choice of three small lakes around halfway. Sounded great!

Bit of chill time in Beddgelert, but Merlin whiffling most of the time. He was tired and with all those people walking around he struggled to relax and chill. So instead I sat with him in the boot of my estate writing this blog.

We’re off shortly. It’s only a short drive from here to the car park and our walk. More from us tomorrow. Watch this space.

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