Walking into Town

Lazy start to our holidays with the weather so-so. Sure we could’ve headed straight for the hills, but with better weather ahead we decided to walk the two miles into Appleby instead. I had already done the first half the evening before and knew that it was rather nice and gave Merlin some off lead time as well.

Started off after a good night’s sleep with a little fry-up before heading out at 10am straight into a short shower. There were said to be a few of those today pouring out from a grey sky so we were prepared with donned rain jackets.

Lost the very ones 15 minutes into the walk getting way too warm in them. And never had to put them on again. Turned out we stayed dry all day. Winner.

Loved the overgrown path by Hoff Beck just like yesterday and walked on over a few green fields with nice views of the North Pennines and the steep v-shaped valley ending in famous High Cup Nick.

High Cup Nick in the not so far distance

Arrived in Appleby an hour after setting off. Walked around and settled into a small café for coffees and a piece of cake. Nice little town with a bit of an old-school feel to it. Walked along the river with a happy pooch dipping in and out of the water bouncing through the trees.

Lovely river walk in Appleby

Got a few bits and bobs from the local deli, butchers and greengrocer before heading back the same way. Merlin had a great time doing his best to spend as much time in Hoff Beck as possible. He was running his little paws off and all that without any breakfast. Because we have breakfast AFTER the morning walk of course. And he wouldn’t even go near any of his food before that looking at us like we’re crazy.

Back at the cottage just after 2pm he boshed his food in one go looking for more, didn’t blame him, haha. All three of us slumped on our beds/sofa for a chill and snooze well into the late afternoon.

Love watching the bird buffet outside in our garden

Headed out half 5 for a short walk across the road and some leg stretching only to find out that the pub next door to us was closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Boo. Drinks at the cottage then and chicken madras part 2. Then some more chilling and Netflix. Ah, holiday!

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