Heading North to Escape the Heat

Even when doing research you get some good or bad surprises with the places you stay at. That applies to the accommodation as well as the actual places itself.

In the case of Ávila it was indeed both. It reminded us of a low-key Carcassonne, especially as we rode into it the first time, jaws dropping at the sight of the almost perfectly intact city wall. Wow!!! Lovely little backstreets in there with cafés, bars and restaurants, Soul Kitchen winning us over straight away.

And then the hotel. Opened only two years ago it perfectly balances the charme of the historic building it is in with modern and tasteful interior design elements added to give a classy feel throughout.

Our room was big with a perfect bathroom and an aircon that is just part of the ceiling, you can barely hear it and it doesn’t blow icy air straight in your face.

Add to that super friendly staff throughout, secure parking and a large garden with bar you could lounge in all day drinking. Shame to leave this place, we would’ve loved to stay longer.

But the road was calling so we packed our bags heading back East and North to start making our way back and to get to more moderate climate. At least that was the intention.

Left half 10 or so and already it was 26 degrees. Hot, hot, hot. Easy hour and some to Segovia to park right by the famous aqueduct on a dedicated motorbike car park. Sweet!

Aqueduct right there
Romans built it in the first century without using any mortar
Biggest Roman aqueduct in the world

It was absolutely scorching already at 30+ degrees now. Had ice cream and a cold drink sitting in the shade of a café gradually cooling down. Then out again to wander to the Plaza Mayor and the impressive cathedral. Had coffee and then wandered back to the bikes.

We just sat there having coffee admiring the fantastic architecture

We spent quite some time in Segovia, moving rather slowly and soaking in the atmosphere when sitting down. What a great place. Touristy, yes but still really nice atmosphere. Would love to spend a weekend here and explore more.

But the road was calling once more and off we went on the scenic route into the area around another high mountain peak: Peñalara. Busiest road yet, but winding its way up through thick forest with most welcome shade. Topping out at a ski lift at 1800 metres we went down again the other side, a little bit along the valley bottom and then up and over again.

1800 metres high. You wouldn’t know it. Only 26 degrees up here feel nice and cold

Really enjoyed this little bit of twisty detour to break the journey up. But it had taken up quite some time. Onto a never ending N-road in the heat of 34 degrees again. As much as we love heat… If you’re wearing motorcycle clothing there is a point where it stops being fun.

Eventually made it into San Esteban de Gormaz which comes at you with a bang when you’re approaching from the South showing all the houses clinging to a huge rock of sandstone.

Checked in to the hotel, parked bikes up in their secure court and after having a look at a couple of bars opted for supermarket dinner as this place really lacks a good restaurant. Fair enough.

Snuck back into the hotel with baguette, cheese, salami and beer and made ourselves as comfortable as possible when it was still around 28 degrees or so. In for a hot night…

160 miles

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