Day off in Oviedo

With slightly unreliable weather forecast we went to Oviedo today. We were a bit unsure if the bus would actually turn up. Google Maps said there was one at 11am, the lady at reception said 9:30 and 13:30 the night before.

Turned up at the bus stop which was literally just the little shelter, no sign and certainly no schedule. Since we were early we thought we’d walk ahead to the next one which was on the main road, hoping to see others waiting and maybe also see a schedule. We found the first was the case and indeed the bus turned up, phew.

Fairly pleasant hour-long drive with some very nice views. Arrived at the bus station in Oviedo quarter past 12. Right. What next?

Rich didn’t feel too great today so we just wandered into the centre on the look for the nice bits. Found the cathedral eventually which was just about to close until 4pm so we went to find a café and found one with a nice view. Ah, chill.

Finding “nice parts”

Just wandered around a bit more along the nice little pedestrianised back streets. Really liked it. Full of cafés and restaurants, most closed in the afternoon though.

Got ourselves the obligatory ice cream which was once more fantastic. Then sat down for a couple of drinks before a short walk through a nearby park.

Back at the cathedral for 4pm to have a look inside. It really is quite remarkable as the oldest part of it was built 781. It also holds some of the most treasured relics of the Spanish church. Namely two crosses from the 8th/9th centuries, various body parts or possessions of saints and the Shroud of Oviedo, a blood stained cloth claimed to be the cloth wrapped around the head of Jesus after he died.

Nothing we can relate to really, but we did like the masterfully crafted altar pieces and peaceful cloister.

Back outside we just wandered back to the bus station to catch the 17:30. Any of the craft beer bars didn’t open before 7pm and Rich didn’t feel like beer anyway.

Had a chill back at the hotel and a snooze and just had a jamón sandwich and olives for dinner. Fine by us.

Long day in the saddle tomorrow as we’re heading south into the warmth and sun, hopefully with some good views on the way as the cloud is said to finally lift.

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