Last day on our little Easter holiday and we did something unplanned. I love those unplanned things. When we had sat in that little micro pub in Coleford Saturday afternoon we had heard the bartender and some punters talk about the Coleford Carnival of Transport which was happening on Monday. Basically the town centre full of cars, bikes and other vehicles of all ages. Sounded great so instead of another walk somewhere we went to Coleford once more not quite sure what to expect.

Packed up and left our Little House half 9 in the morning to arrive at 10 in Coleford with the town centre already blocked off. But we had a cunning plan. We parked up in the residential area near Angus Buchanan recreation grounds to give Merlin a run first before mingling with the crowds.

Turned out it wasn’t just a little park with some grass but a few green fields surrounded and separated by trees and bushes. Much bigger than it had looked on the map. Once more the sun was out and all three of us had a lovely little walk.

Walked from there about 15 mins into the town centre and it was rather busy already although it wasn’t even 11 yet. Slowly made our way through the throng of people and past some amazing cars: Triumph, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Lotus, Pontiac, Ford… So many fantastic motors.

Got coffees and then kept wandering on. Half a year ago we had visited a little market with Merlin and he’d been pulling us everywhere. Today he was still very excited by the hustle and bustle, almost a bit overwhelmed, but instead of pulling he just stayed quite close to us waiting for our signal to tell him which way to go. Really amazing how grown up he is now.

Buick Skylark
Audi Sport!
Plymouth Fury
1966 Pontiac Parisienne – My show favourite

We thought we’d seen it all until we found the supermarket car park around the corner full of more cars. A whole group of newer Lotuses, a bunch of American police cars, more Jags, a few Fiestas, Escorts, and anything in between.

Really nice Jag F-type
James Bond Lotus Esprit
Early 70s Ford Mustang

I really love American muscle cars above else and was happy that we spotted a few including a Mustang, yay!

After two hours of slow walking and admiring cars we’d had enough. Went back to our little micro pub and luckily found a table in the back for a chill and some cold drinks. Then had a nice hog roast bap from the butcher next door and walked back to the car.

At our favourite pub The Dog House

What a great way to end our holiday. And totally unplanned. You gotta take those opportunities as they come. Really enjoyed the atmosphere in Coleford and the show was much bigger than we had thought.

Headed home early afternoon not hitting too much bank holiday traffic, fired up the BBQ later and chilled watching some more snooker.

Lovely short break and well needed. Lots of exploring in an area we realised we didn’t know very well apart from the main road through and yet had enough time to kick back and chill. Add it to the long list of beautiful places to visit in this country.

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