Spending Easter Next Door

Well, sort of. Not ones for spending bank holidays at home we had booked another one of the Welsh eco friendly off-grid but close to amenities little places. This time in Brockweir next village up the River Wye from Tintern.

So basically next door because we come here quite often on the motorbikes and it’s only a 40 minute journey.  Feels weird not driving for hours to get to a holiday place.

Made our way over the bridge (i.e. into Wales) just after lunchtime avoiding most of the bank holiday traffic and still getting stuck on the motorway for a bit. Warm weather and blue skies brought people out, don’t blame them.

Arrived in Tintern at the famous abbey early afternoon and probably the last available space to park along the road further down and walked back to The Wild Hare, a hotel with restaurant and garden which just looked lovely to sit with a drink.

And so we did, just chilling in the very warm sun with a couple of cool drinks, Merlin mostly chilling with us. He’s come such a long way. Today a year ago we took him to a local pub for the first time and he wouldn’t sit stil for a second. Now he stretched out in the shade watching and sniffing only occasionally getting up to investigate.

Walked across the footbridge to stretch the legs afterwards and to let the pooch run around a bit as well then payed a visit to the Rose & Crown pub on way back which had a few tables outside by the water which had been all taken earlier but where now mostly free. Awesome spot.

Made our way into Brockweir late afternoon and up the steep narrow single track to the house. Off-grid of sorts but after all only 10 minutes from bustling Tintern.

Lovely little place again. Nice lounge with kitchen downstairs and a mezzanine with a double bed. The owner had placed some hot-cross buns and a couple of pints of beer/cider on the table as a welcome present along with some doggy biscuits. How thoughtful!

Nice little garden with table and chairs and view of the field across the road. It’s peaceful up here with the birds chirping away outside and the early evening light streaming through the windows.

Great start so far. Off to The Wild Hare shortly for food.

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