A Short Getaway

Wait… Is this a blog post? For real? Feels like we haven’t been away from home for anything longer than a day’s walk in ages. But here we are. A mere two-hour journey from home at the foot of the Shropshire hills in beautiful Ludlow.

We’ve been meaning to come here for a while now but it’s only one on our list of many such places. So I decided to book us into a lovely apartment for a weekend as a birthday gift to Rich. Happy birthday… to us.

Friday afternoon we dropped off Merlin at a friends’ house where he’s been very well looked after having a great time whilst we made our way up North and East into increasing dark and splutters of rain. The wet road and deep puddles to the side demanded full concentration making the journey seem endless.

Finally parked the car on a public car park just after 7pm and made our way into the centre heading straight for a small pizza place we had found on Maps. They where busy but had a table for us in a out 20mins. Time for a pint!

Luckily The Rose & Crown was just a few yards down the cobblestone lane and not being too busy we found a table and got us a couple of beverages. Ah. Chill.

What a place. Ludlow that is. Like a museum. Tudor houses wherever you look. Cosy pubs, lovely little shops, cobblestones. Basically no cars. Wow.

Headed over to sourCed our pizza place and again… Wow. For different reasons. Staff couldn’t have been friendlier and openly interested and chatty without neglecting their work. It was busy!

Got us some drinks and soaked in the atmosphere. Pizzas came soon enough and were some of the best we ever had. Like ever. No kidding. Perfectly cooked crispy sourdough with slightly unusual toppings that just worked so well together. Mine was with shredded lamb, yoghurt mint sauce, chillies and coriander. Lush!

Had another half pint at a pub around the corner watching the last of the night’s rugby, then a chill in the lounge of our apartment. Happy days!

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