When you think of Cornwall…

When you think of Cornwall, what are the first things that come to mind? Beaches? Stunning coast line? Little coastal towns with a harbour, some boats, ice cream and fish & chips? Well, if this is what you’re thinking of then we did 100% Cornwall today.

First stop was Lusty Glaze beach just North of Newquay, half an hour’s drive away. Whilst we set off under an overcast sky, we arrived in blue skies once more. Couldn’t believe our luck! Lusty Glaze is a small private beach open to the public with a restaurant and cafe. Fun fact: It’s the only beach in Cornwall you can actually get married on. Who knew?

That late in the season everything was closed and there were only a couple of other dog walkers here. Merlin loved chasing his ball for a bit on the soft sand and as usual completely ignored any other dogs. Even the young little springer boy who was ever so sweet and desperate to play with him.

All collie-like focussing on the ball
Lusty Glaze Beach

Walked along a residential road for 10 mins to get to the next much bigger beach in Porth. Merlin expected us to throw a ball again and was jumping around in front of us, even showing him empty hands did not convince him. Either way, we turned off very soon anyway to have a coffee and tea cake at the lovely Gwenna Teahouse, before we walked around the the beach to walk to the end of Trevelgue Head.

With all this water around, Merlin was once more pulling like a train which made it really difficult to enjoy the walk, but he simply had to be on the lead as there were warnings of steep drops etc. and as keen as he was to get to the wet, there was a fair chance of him misjudging things.

Porth Beach

Views were fantastic from the head land and it really was just a short walk from Porth Beach. Turned back to sit a bit on a large stone next to a small stream right on the beach. Merlin was happy to splash around in the cool water whilst we chilled in the warm sun. Gosh, is it always like this down here in mid October?

Walked across the beach for a lager shandy at the Mermaid pub sitting in their large beer garden overlooking the beach. Ah, good times. Parking was up at 2:30pm so we walked back up, all sunned out a bit now.

Drove half an hour north to park up in Padstow. Another little coastal town we wanted to visit, and not just because Rick Stein has a restaurant there, haha. The plan was simply to mooch around, nothing more really and that’s what we did.

It was pleasantly vibrant without being busy. Lots of little boutiques, a few pubs, fancy and not too fancy restaurants, cafes, bakeries, galleries etc. I had a scoop of fantastic ice cream, Rich had a coffee and bought some more fudge. Wandered around the harbour just soaking it all in. People where sitting on benches just chilling or outside the pubs and restaurants enjoying a balmy autumn day.

We really really liked Padstow. A lot of the restaurants looked just like the type we like a lot: modern British cuisine. The pubs looked cosy, plenty of places for a coffee and just generally a very pretty little town. Would love to come back over a long weekend and try some of those places.

After a good hour and a half it was time to head back. Instead of going home we went straight to Charlestown again to have another stab at getting some proper fish and chips at the harbour. Rich had messaged the Charlestown Fish shack via Facebook and it had turned out they had indeed closed early on Monday but were open today until 7pm.

We rocked up just after 5pm and sure enough got us some F & C. I’m a bit peculiar about the chips. Most chippies give you those soft squishy chips and I just don’t like them. I want some proper ones crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And these ones were proper! Lovely batter on the fresh cod and very crispy chips. Bingo! It was made fresh to order as well. Man, what a treat. Worth coming back for!

Headed over to Pier House hotel for a couple of drinks sitting outside with a view of the sea. Very nice and decent alternative to the rum bar which was again closed, boo. The back home for a showers and a chill. Last day tomorrow already.

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