The North Coast Has Nice Weather, Too

We are certainly having a morning routine now. I get up around 7am, say hello to Merlin, have a cuppa tea, read the news, do a few Duolingo Spanish lessons and then around 8 or so head out into the garden with Merlin to play a bit frisbee. Read afterwards, then make tea for Rich to help him get up at 9am. Breakfast for all three of us and leave 10:30am.

After a few days out on the South coast which is much closer to us, we decided to have a look at the North coast today. Having been blessed with fantastic warm and sunny weather so far, the forecast for our destination was just as good and turned out to be even better.

An hour’s drive got us all the way to Tintagel where we had booked tickets for 11:30am to see the castle ruins on an island just off the coast. Thanks to Geoffrey of Monmouth who in the 12th century described Tintagel as the place of King Arthur’s conception in his Historia Regum Britanniae, there was a bit of an Arthur theme in Tintagel with a King Arthur Pub, antiques and tacky shops where you could buy figurines, various types of skulls, swords, themed t-shirts and the like. But there were also a few cafes and a couple of ice cream parlours.

We headed straight to the site entrance with bright blue skies above and basically no wind at all. One of those special days. The castle itself was built by Richard 1st Earl of Cornwall mid 13th century when the island was still connected to land by an isthmus which eventually collapsed in the 15th or 16th century.

Views were stunning as we walked around the lower and upper courtyard and then made our way around the small island. We were both just in t-shirts and would’ve been in shorts too had we thought of bringing some. It’s mid October after all!

Up on the top we found the statue of the ghost of Arthur. I’m normally not very impressed by statues, but this one was seriously cool especially in its surroundings. We got a photo of us with Merlin which felt like we should do and then headed back down the steep steps to walk under the bridge and around the island leading to Merlin’s cave which due to high tide was no accessible. Boo! Would’ve been nice to have a look around it… with Merlin of course.

Merlin’s cave flooded at high tide

Back up in the village we got a table in the King Arthur cafe for a bit of lunch. Rich had a soup and I was finally getting my Cornish cream tea! Yeah. Didn’t look like much, but the scones were probably the best scones I’ve ever had. So, so good. Perfect texture and warm as well. Yum!

Best scones ever

Stuffed we walked around the high street for a bit, Rich had some ice cream, then back to the car heading home. It had certainly been well worth the journey, we genuinely enjoyed Tintagel and would’ve loved to do some walk along the stunning coastline, but Merlin was tired and just getting cranky again being on the lead all the time, not understanding why he wasn’t allowed to go where he wanted.

Back home at 4pm we had a snooze and then went with him back to Tregarsus for a good 40mins of off lead time and he was just so happy bouncing around once more darting in and out of the underbrush. Some playtime at the little stream further down and then a couple of cold drinks at the local pub in St Stephen.

Warmed up our chicken arrabbiata from last night and before we knew it, it was half eight already. So even though we felt like we left Tintagel a bit early it had still been a day filled with good stuff.

Only two more days down here, where has time gone? Better make the best of it.

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