Another Cornish Thing Ticked Off

Read on to learn what we ticked off today from the long list of typical Cornish things. So far we have:
– Stunning coast line *check*
– Industrial heritage *check*
– Quaint coastal villages/towns *check*
– Beach *check*
– Seafood *check*

Same routine this morning with some playtime in the garden, then breakfast and heading out 10:30am. I had convinced Rich it’s worth paying a steep £17.50 per person to visit the Lost Gardens in Heligan so we had tickets booked for 11am.

Half an hour along narrow-ish single track roads later we arrived at The Lost Gardens. It was busy but probably nothing compared to high season. We started walking along a nice woodland track with a few art installations which blended in very nicely, I only wished there’d been more.

Walked through The Jungle and The Lost Valley before dropping out at a cafe. Really enjoyed the walk through the arboretum-like scenery even though Merlin was having a day. Pulling like a train and complaining when we wouldn’t walk where he wanted all three of us were a bit tired after the nearly three hours it took us from start to finish.

The Jungle
Old workshop

Next stop was just 8 minutes down the road. Mevagissey was another small fishing village with a lovely harbour, a few shops, cafes and pubs etc. It was well after lunch time now to we hunted down a Cornish bakery and treated ourselves to…. yes, traditional Cornish pasty. Check! Sitting on a bench overlooking the harbour we enjoyed just chilling. Finished off with a scoop of very lush ice cream before walking around the pier.

Sunshine and pasty. Happy days.

Merlin was even more of a pain now pulling us towards the water at every opportunity. No treat and walking the opposite direction seemed to help at all, the lure was just too great for him. So we spent some time playing with him on a small pebble beach which made him very happy.

Back to the car around 15:30 grabbing a bottle of Fowey gin on the way, don’t mind if I do. Home just after 4pm all three of us where knackered, not sure from what really, but time for a snooze. Merlin and me upstairs Rich on the sofa downstairs.

Showers afterwards, chilling in the lounge and then cooking up a chicken arrabbiata stew with parmesan dumplings. With no kitchen scale it was a bit of a challenge. Eye balling 150g of flour and 80g butter for the dumplings, hoping it would be close enough to go with the 50ml of milk turned out to be absolutely spot on. Perfect texture, ha. All those years of counting macros and weighing my food seem to have given me a pretty decent eye measure.

Nice finish to another lovely day. Bring on tomorrow.

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