Dotting around the coast

Last day of our holiday today and what to do? Bank holiday Sunday meant that the Lakeland valleys would be teeming with people. So we opted for a chilled drive up the coast to visit some towns and villages.

Had a lazy start and drove the 40mins to a place called Allonby. Arrived just before noon and found a little coffee can right by the car park. How convenient. Those little vans often serve excellent coffee and this one was no exception.

Sufficiently caffeinated we walked along the vast beach with great views across the Solway Firth to Scotland. Shame the clear skies didn’t reach to anywhere beyond Maryport so we wandered the sands with a cold wind and grey skies only just warm enough with jumpers on. Quite odd atmosphere. Almost like being at the end of somewhere and something. Great setting for a bleak psychological thriller.

Looking across to Scotland

There was nothing else to do in Allonby and after Merlin had his run fetching the ball we jumped back into the car to drive back south into Maryport.

The little town felt deserted, all shops closed on a Sunday, just a few people around at the harbour for the only open cafés. Walked around for a bit then decided to sit outside the Lifeboat Inn with a cold drink. Booked a table at Zest in Whitehaven and train tickets and then drove back to the hotel for showers and a brief snooze.

Waited on the wrong platform at St. Bees train station not trusting our gut feeling but the signs for trains arriving. As our train pulled up on the opposite side we had to leg it across the pedestrian overpass resulting in, Rich tweaking his knee a bit and the dog getting loose when he sprinted after Rich much faster than I ever could and I had to let go of the lead or fall down the stairs.

Phew. Made the hourly train though. Whitehaven seemed rather nice now at least at the sea harbour side compared to Allonby or Maryport.

Had a drink at The Harbour Master and then another nice meal at Zest. Great end to our week up here. Had to rush a bit to get the last train back just after 6pm and chilled in our hotel room watching a movie.

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