Return to Ennerdale

Bank holiday weekend, where to go to avoid the crowds? Back to Ennerdale! Had a later breakfast and a chill morning before we left around 11:30 or so to drive the 25mins to Ennerdale Bridge again. But instead of heading further into the valley we turned off to the right to take a small single track road leading to the back of the hills lining the southern shore of Ennerdale Water.

There were already a few cars parked but still spaces left along the road. Two hills were planned today if Rich and Merlin were up for it.

Started an easy ascent up a path across a field with a few sheep and lots of their droppings. Compared to Rannerdale Knotts earlier this week, Merlin was hardly pulling on the lead and only here and there nibbling on a bit of poop. Think he’s getting used to this now and it’s no longer novel.

Grey clouds covered almost all of the sky and the higher tops of the hills. Yet is was humid and with only a slight breeze we got a good sweat on.

Through a plantation next on an easy gravel path and then back onto the open hill side and shoulder of Grike after lifting Merlin over a stile which he wasn’t so happy about.

One of the better paths through a plantation.
Nice views back.

Another lift and then a little dog gate later we were on the last stretch of our first top. How easy was that? Views were nice in all directions, but Grike is just a little bit off Ennerdale to offer fantastic views. Rather a taster of what to get on the next top: Crag Fell.

Not bad little Grike
Up next: Crag Fell. Don’t mind if we do.

Down and up we went and since it really was very easy going we were definitely going up Crag Fell.

Views from here we awesome and would’ve been stunning with less clouds. Still we enjoyed looking down at yesterday’s walk and being back in this less trodden part of the Lake District.

Lunch break marvelling at the hills trying to name them all. Then back down to a gravel path which led eventually back to the plantation and then the car.

Slightly hazy, still awesome view.

Nice little jaunt over 2.5 hrs plus breaks. Merlin had been running around a bit less in the absence of proper water, but still was quite pooped.

Drove down into Ennerdale Bridge for coffee at The Gather chilling outside and just winding down. There is something about this little village we like. Off the grid, yet not difficult to get to, some walkers and cyclists but no masses, no queues. Perfect.

Headed back to the hotel for showers and a brief snooze then right back to Ennerdale Bridge for dinner at 6pm at the Fox and Hounds pub. Again we were glad to be back at this rustic and cosy place.

Seated inside this time we had a table right next to the fireplace and out of the way of the other guests with plenty of room for Merlin to stretch out and doze. If this was intended it was once more very thoughtful.

Food was plenty. More than plenty. My steak and stilton pie was very nice, Rich had the hotpot which unfortunately lacked flavour and he found some kitchen foil underneath one of the potato slices. Mentioned it to the waitress and in the end they took the hot pot off the bill entirely. Nicely dealt with 👍

Slightly disappointed we went back home, also because Merlin was tired and bored and grumpy, chewing on the lead and generally just being a pain so it was best to let him sleep back in our hotel room and for us to finish a movie we had started watching the other night.

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