A Sunny Coastal Walk

Late start today as Rich felt still a bit ropey with his cold, but was fit enough to do the 10k walk from St Bees along the coast to Whitehaven.

Left just after noon when the sun was breaking through the grey clouds. The beach was a lot busier than the days before. Early bank holiday tourists maybe? Glad we left the beach behind us straight away by climbing up onto the headland.

Looking back down onto St Bees

Got quite a sweat on but that was pretty much the steepest ascent of the day done already.

Merlin was a good boy today. To warm to pull on the lead much and not too interested in all the juicy sheep poo around. Good times.

Break at St Bees Head and as we made our way down the narrow gully to the beach all of a sudden we had a fantastic view back at the cliffs of red sandstone. Quite unexpected, impressive and unique. Almost like being in a different film all of a sudden.

Merlin cooled down in the water and we marvelled at the view. Onwards.

The second short climb of the day got us up to the next bit of headland and pretty much all of the climbing was done now. Merlin enjoyed some off lead time as there was no more livestock and a fence between the path and the cliff.

Around the lighthouse, past a quarry, along fields and finally into Whitehaven on a gravel path. By now we were all pretty knackered. Somehow we had not packed any snacks and after over three hours of walking breakfast fuel was all but gone and we were running on fumes.

Dropped down onto the small road at the end of Whitehaven Marina 4pm and dragged ourselves to The Harbour Master for refreshments. Nice little place with coffee, some beers and small snacks. Rich had a beer, I had a coke and we shared a pizza toastie.

Whitehaven Marina
At The Harbour Master. Everyone outside in the sun. We needed shade.

Walked around the centre for a bit but found it deserted and bleak. Shame cause most of the houses were old style and not in a bad nick, but the whole place felt a bit abandoned despite good will.

Back to the Marina and harbour then. Definitely the nicest bit of Whitehaven. Sat down outside Anna, a bar next to The Harbour Master. Had a Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito, why not. Somehow we only had 25mins to finish our drinks though before our reservation at Zest for dinner at 6.

Necked the well earned beverages and walked the 5mins to Zest. With so many box standard pubs around, Zest proved to be a great find. Varied menu from which we decided to share nachos with pulled beef and cheese for a starter and they were awesome. Best nachos I’ve ever had.

Mixed it up with small bowls to share afterwards. Pulled beef, Asian chicken, chorizo Savoy cabbage and chunky chips with spicy tomato sauce, cheese and garlic mayo.

The boys hanging out at Zest

No chance of finishing all of it. Stuffed we wobbled over to the train station to catch our 20:18 train back to St Bees. Merlin’s first train ride. Then a other 15min walk to the hotel. Done.

All of us knackered we showered and chilled listening involuntarily to the karaoke at the hotel bar across the courtyard. Another fine day 😊.

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