Mooching around Netheredge

Wednesday started for us 8am after a somewhat short night. Our tiny room was just so so hot. The many glasses of white wine had blessed me with a slight dull headache and Merlin had gone off barking every time someone had walked past our door making us stand up in bed.

He’s started doing that and all we can do is calm him down with soothing words and a gentle chest rub. At 8.5 months he’s at the height of adolescence and seemingly small things upset him and he doesn’t know what to do other than bark. We’ll get through this with him at some point but right now it’s not helping us catching up on sleep 😉

So 8am we headed down to walk with Merlin through Endcliffe Park. He was happily bouncing around the trees and splashing in the stream whilst all we could think of was coffeeeeee.

Merlin watching ducks at Endcliffe Park

Had definitely needed showers back at the hotel then headed out to Dyson Place for breakfast around quarter to 11. Ecclesall Rd and Sharrow Vale Rd are lined with restaurants, bars, cafés and independent shops and we really liked it down here. Lovely chilled atmosphere and great for a mooch around.

Dyson Place is situated in a large courtyard just off Sharrow Vale Rd and has a selection of food places. We went for Corner Stone a café with a large outside seating area and had lovely gale force strength coffee with superb food.

Quick stop afterwards to top up on dog treats then across the road into the Botanical Gardens. Really liked the big space which felt a bit like a mix between botanical gardens and arboretum. It was reasonably busy but with all that space we didn’t mind. Found a big patch of grass and had a snooze and a chill.

Back on Ecclesall Rd we opted for a pit stop at Beer House in the afternoon. Rich had a Black Forest Gose. Can’t not have a craft beer when out and about.

Another cold drink outside the hotel as we just waited for the cleaner to finish with our room. Then a well needed chill and snooze before heading over to Heeley to meet once more with our friends for drinks and food.

Walked the longer route via Chelsea Park and then through Brincliffe Edge Woods which all three of us really enjoyed.

Brincliffe Edge Woods

Met at the Crown Inn which has a very nice outside area at the back with plenty of benches, astro turf, plants and one small stone figurine of a dog which upset Merlin big time. So much that I had to take him outside for a sniff at a nearby bit of green whilst Rich was moving the figurine somewhere else.

Unfortunately, the pub was not serving food that night. Bummer, we’d really been in the mood for pies. But phoning The Broadfield they said we could chance it in their garden.

15 mins later we sat in said garden out the back. We had been to this place years ago for their ham hock and there was no doubt we had to have one again.

Ham hock heaven.

Bellies full we called it a night after food being just too tired not having been able to catch up on sleep for the last few nights. Walked 25 mins back to the hotel hoping for better sleep at last.

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