From a Northern City to a Coastal Town

Our time in Sheffield was already over and our road trip continued Thursday morning with the 2.5hr drive across to Morecambe.

We’d had another very hot night in our cramped room. All three of us went to bed around 9pm and all three of us were tossing and turning until midnight being hot and thirsty and wide awake despite being so very tired. Earlier we had found out that one of the big windows could actually be opened a crack if you wedge a pen in to keep it open. But alas it was a drop in the ocean.

I walked down for a pee with Merlin who had by then gulped down three bowls of water and we decided to switch on the little fan on the desk. It was quite noisy but the constant breeze was indeed very nice and being cooler helped all of us financially doze off.

I got up at 8 for another morning walk around Endcliffe Park, then packed, checked out and had another great breakfast at the Corner Stone café at 10am just when they opened. Can’t recommend this place high enough.

Left Sheffield just after 11am off to places new. The drive through the Peak District was accompanied by grey clouds and drizzle, but the bright purple hills covered in heather were still a sight to behold.

It got busy in Glossop and even busier on the M6X motorways around Manchester. So. Much. Traffic!!! Four lanes full of cars, signs everywhere pointing to all sorts of directions and proper rain made driving the opposite of a joy. Thank the tech gods for Google Maps!

Stopped just outside Bolton and 5mins off the motorway at Borsdane Wood. The car park is just at the end of a cul-de-sac in a housing estate which made me question if I’d actually put the right destination in.

Turned out to be an absolute gem, recommend by a website for doggie walks near motorway junctions. Popped out in the rain with Merlin at 1pm whilst Rich stayed in the car chilling.

Fantastic walk through a small combe with trees and a stream. Perfect Merlin walking territory. He absolutely loves this stuff. No wonder he was bouncing happily left and right and down into the water, jumping over fallen branches, rustling through bushes and high wild flower patches. Just to watch him lifted my spirits after the stressful drive so far.

This rain can do one!

Back after an hour and not too soaked we had a bit of lunch at the car park. Our friend had brought us some onion bajis and dips from her place of work the night before so we happily dug into those.

Onwards we went on now slightly less busy motorways once we passed Preston and into Morecambe to arrive at our beach front hotel half 3 in the afternoon.

I slightly doubted my choice of hotel, the outside just as the whole of the seafront buildings looked very dated and that’s a massive understatement!

However as we went in I relaxed a bit. Clean and decent interior, friendly lady at reception and a generously sized room. Phew!

Went across the road for a quick walk on the beach with the tide low. Merlin’s very first time on a beach!!!

Looks okay from the distance 😉
Beach boy

Lugged the rest of our stuff upstairs and then had a long chill, Merlin finally being able to sleep properly and relaxed despite road noise from the open (yes open!!!) window and people down outside the hotel laughing and drinking. Having him as far away from the door as possible hopefully helps him get less stressed out by people walking past our door.

So we let him have his rest and left as late as 7pm to walk north along the sea to find somewhere to eat. The northern part of the sea front felt a bit nicer, more open pubs and restaurants and houses looking a tad less abandoned.

Ended up at The Morecambe Hotel. Nice old coaching inn with lovely stylish yet cosy interior. Menu looked alright and they had a table for us with dog. Sold. Had a nice meal, super friendly staff, but Merlin got a bit bored and grumpy after a while so we didn’t hang around and left straight after we finished food. Teenager…

Back at the hotel half 9 we chilled for a bit more before it was lights out for hopefully a better night’s sleep.

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