Going to town

The first night in our little shepherd’s hut had been alright. Rich couldn’t sleep until all three of us went for a wee wee at 3am. The bed was too soft for him and he kept rolling into me.

As we got back Merlin thought it’d be a great opportunity to try jumping onto the bed again so I offered to swap sides with Rich. I’d be first line of defence against the cuddly pooch and also didn’t mind a slightly off level bed.

Got up half 7 or so. Of course Merlin was up too. Had a cuppa just chilling and enjoying the view, reading. Woke up Rich just before 10 and then cooked an almost full breakfast in our awesome outdoor kitchen.

Loving our kitchen
Could get used to mornings like this.

Decided to walk the 20min on the path across fields into Presteigne for coffees. It was already hot, hot, hot again. Merlin was happy bouncing through the meadows and we only had to lift him over one stile.

Lovely walk into Presteigne

Presteigne high street was actually quite lovely. Little super market, butcher’s, a pub, hotel and restaurant, Chinese, post office, bank, couple of cafés and little shops. All you really need.

Hotel and restaurant looks stunning from the outside
Black & white villages

Decided to walk a bit further to The Workshop Gallery and Café in an industrial estate after a quick break with a sip of water on a bench in the shade. The pooch really needed it and we were quite happy for a break from the relentless sun, too.

It was well worth the proverbial extra mile. Lovely little garden out the back of the gallery and two ladies just left and gave up their table in the shade for us. Merlin seemed quite desperate for it.

Coffee, a lemonade and a chill as we watched two ladies staple cloth to the roof to provide more shade.

Got some very good ice cream from the farm shop around the corner and then walked back to our hut.

Quick break in the shade

Got back just after 2pm and all of us hot and knackered. I had a shower right away and then crept into the hut for a snooze. Merlin joined me for a bit, then more chilling in the shade of our kitchen. Ah. Bliss.

Drove 20 mins to Bucknell on the outskirts of the Shropshire Hills for an evening meal at 6pm at The Baron. It had been a bit difficult to book short notice as most places seem to only open Wednesday to Sunday. This one had an online booking system so it all worked out fine.

Sat in the bar area watching some of the footy, only one other couple as early as us here. Had a fantastic meal, didn’t just look fancy but was really tasty as well. Merlin even got his share of cut off fat from Rich’s steak.

Braised lamb shoulder, dauphinoise, peas, broad beans, asparagus.

Back at the hut 8pm, just chilling waiting for the sunset which was a bit more dramatic than the day before.

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