Taking the long route to meet a friend

Slept a bit better again, I think we’re just about to figure out how to get around the heat and the traffic noise. It was less of a bother last night so I actually realised how detrimental to a neutral spine my pillow was, haha. Tossed and turned as my back got stiffer and stiffer, before I hunted down one of the decorative pillows we had tossed in a corner. Much. Better!

Got up at 7 faffing around a bit whilst Rich was still sleeping. I don’t know how he does it with light and noise streaming in through open curtains and window.

Headed down to Coffee #1 for a coffee and croissant whilst blogging and reading. A friend of ours lives in the area and whilst he’s been down our way a number of times, we never made it up to his, so had we agreed to meet up Friday night!

Rich joined me around 9:45 for breakfast at the Buckingham Tea Room, typical old school place with lace napkins, crockery with flower patterns and 1920s music streaming from the stereo. Shame we wouldn’t be here for cream tea.

Doesn’t get more “tea room” than this.
Pretty good breakfast!

Before leaving Rich had a go at the hotel manager. No one had been to fix the bathroom window and no one had come to top up toilet paper etc. Turned out it was all a lack of communication. Due to Covid no one would enter our room so we would have to ask for fresh towels, tea etc. Well, thanks for telling us NOW. And the manager would personally look into why the bathroom window hadn’t been fixed. Result.

Rich was still fuming as we left for a short but enjoyable stint on a nice little country road to Brackley via Silverstone. Quick cold drink at noon and plotting the next stage avoiding anything bigger than a three digit A road. Decided to stop at Royal Leamington Spa next going West first to almost the Cotswolds before turning North into Warwickshire.

Once more we’d chosen well. Great quiet B roads with only very few cars we could easily overtake, lovely little villages with houses built from dark yellow sandstone blocks topped with thatched roofs.

If you take a black and white photo it would probably look exactly like Cotswold style, but the darker richer tone of the bricks made it a different version of the same theme. Like playing a tune with one instrument and then playing the same tune with another.

Arrived into Royal Leamington Spa 14:30 after the best bit of riding on our trip so far. Had a quick coffee and a short walk around. Odd place. Most buildings in the centre were whitewashed or light coloured and roads laid out US style to cut the town centre into squares. Hm. Not what you would think of a British town.

Royal Leamington Spa. Hm. Not sure what to make of it.

Off again 15:30 for the last leg into Market Harborough or as we learned the locals say “MaHa”. Taking the direct rout now, we were pleasantly surprised to have another hour on more quiet-ish B roads and minor A roads. Brilliant!

Brilliant 90 miles of riding today!

Had a catch up with our mate Ben who we hadn’t seen in at least a year and a half as he’d been shielding since not so long ago. So good to go out for food with him getting Korean take away which was amazing and we even hunted down a craft beer place, ha!

Downtown MaHa

We wished we could’ve stayed longer, but there was still an hour’s ride back so we walked along the river back to his place, then left 9 for the direct route. Roads were empty at this hour which made for a very swift ride back and not too much of it in dusk which I don’t like at all be it car or bike.

Found bags with fresh towels and tea outside our room and an open bathroom window inside. Yay! Night cap at the bar for Rich as he was still buzzing. What a great day we’d had!!! Very nice riding all day really. Some well timed overtakes, lovely little villages and best of all seeing a friend again after such a long time. Perfect end to a well needed holiday.

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