Cambridge Day Trip

Night two was almost as sleepless as night one. We had found an A/C and had it running at full blast which would make a gentle breeze seem like a storm, so that was not going to help cool down the stuffy hot room. Back to the open window then and relief around 4am temperature-wise. I had at least brought my motorcycle ear plugs this time which blocked enough of the traffic noise to let me sleep a little better in the morning.

Breakfast at 8:30 at the same café around the corner. I was still full from dinner last night so only coffee and a croissant for me. French style.

On the bikes by 10 leaving for Cambridge. Before we left I asked once more at reception for someone to come and look at getting our bathroom window to open.

Riding over to Cambridge wasn’t too bad despite a bit of dual carriageway, but at least not too much traffic and we could overtake some of it. I’m really getting used to my bike now and more confident in overtaking. “Dynamic” mode is the dogs bollocks! I can really feel the bike kicking it up a notch compared to “Road” mode without being prancy at all. Same smooth acceleration only… well… faster 😂

Parked up at free motorcycle parking 11:30am. It was quite warm already. Panniers were well worth taking again!!! Jacket, helmet and bike boots vanished, swapped for sneakers and sunnies instead. Boom.

Day trip to Cambridge
Panniers for the win

Cambridge was as nice as I’d remembered from when I’d visited seven years ago. We walked around a bit looking for a local café and found one near Round Church.

Then more walking and marvelling at the impressive college buildings. Shame all of them were closed to visitors. Thanks Covid I guess.

Got us some fresh juice from the market and chilled on the green outside Kings College. Really great chilled vibe out here and everywhere we’d been. Even in busy places no rushing, no stress.

Lunch at Kings College

Headed back 14:30 thinking we’d avoid rush hour, but no. Busy roads everywhere!!! The story of the trip. You slowly make your way through the cars in front of you with very few gaps in oncoming traffic only to find another queue behind a slow vehicle around the next corner. So frustrating. Now we really know what we have in our local haunts of the Mendips and South Wales. Once you veer off the main roads you normally get a free run, maybe the occasional slow vehicle, but not queues of them in both directions.

Back at the hotel 4pm. No one had come to look at the bathroom window and no cleaner had been in either for the second day in a row. Disappointing.

Had showers turning the bathroom once more into a steam chamber and I had a snooze then another gin at the King’s Head before we got what looked like the only free table at Dipalee Lounge, a well reviewed local Indian.

Really great service and a very decent meal as well. Always going for chef’s recommendations or house specials and were not disappointed. Two tasty curries and their chili rice was great too. Back teeth floating we wobbles across the road back to the hotel, watched some Netflix and hoped to sleep a little bit better again as the room was a tad cooler than last night.

Can’t go wrong with a good curry

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