A day off of sorts

We both agreed that Wednesday should be a day with less riding so we both stayed a bit longer in bed. For me that was until 7am. I really didn’t sleep well at all, it was sooo warm in the room despite the window open. When it was finally cooling down around 5am, traffic outside started to pick up and I had to close the window to block most of the noise. Argh.

Left the room around 10 for breakfast at a small cafe just around the corner. Sat in the small courtyard with coffees, orange juice and Eggs Benedict/Eggs Royal starting to feel a bit more alive.

Then onto the bikes and the half an hour South into Aylesbury. Less roundabouts, more country roads, still a bit of traffic, but much less than yesterday.

Managed a triple roundabout in Aylesbury then parked up and walked through the pedestrianised town centre avoiding all the usual shops and instead heading for Old Town around St Mary’s Church. Quiet and lovely around here. Really liked it.

Old Town Aylesbury

Couple of cold drinks outside at a pub, then back to the bikes. We opted for riding back to Buckingham and rather explore it a bit more with the occasional break for beers or G&T even.

Back at the hotel at 2pm. Had showers then out for iced coffee and a slice of cake at Coffee #1.

The old gaol
Nice this Buckingham

Decided to walk along the river for a bit ending up doing most of the signposted Circular Walk leading along the river first, along a housing estate and sports ground, the Buckingham Railway Walk, past the university and back along the River Ouse.

Buckingham Railway Walk

Ended our walk at The Woolpack pub in the garden. Very nice. A cold drink then back to the hotel for 5pm. I had a snooze, I was just so tired. Rich went down to the bar in the meantime for another cold beer and a chill.

The Woolpack from the outside
And from the inside

Next stop at 6pm was The King’s Head pub advertising over 70 gins. Would be rude not to… Turns out they had over 100 even, but didn’t want to change the sign. Had nice chat with the owner lady who was clearly a gin fan.

Clearly gin o’clock

Then to The Buckingham Inn or as it calls itself BINN. Rather a smokehouse than a pub and we love a good smokehouse. It was very busy with bottomless chicken wings as special offer.

Normally, that would be so for me. There were times when I did wings challenges and always ordered wings when they were on the menu. No so today. I just really fancied a more varied meal and ribs and pulled pork. So that’s what I had. Rich went for the wings which could also be mixed up with a portion of mac and cheese. Needless to say we rolled out of this place. A bit later than expected as the kitchen couldn’t quite keep up, but after all it was a good night out.

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