It’s a long road to Buckingham…

… if you do it at an average of 25mph. But let’s start at the beginning. Or actually not start at all.

The day started with an almost expected issue whilst settling the bill. I had already paid 260 for 3 nights in the twin room through but then changed to the standard double for the last 2 nights and was charged full price for it, not taking my payment into account. Staff was very nice recognising that but their system didn’t like it, so I didn’t settle the bill now, waiting for them to figure things out and ring me later.

We were just about to load up the bikes around 10am when we found the H2 had a flat rear tyre, the culprit being a nail or screw having punctured it. Shit. Rich phoned around and eventually found a garage in the next village. Matt, a very nice chap had room in his diary and came straight over to load the bike into his van and take her in for repairs, Rich going with him.

The staff at the pub were very nice again, said we can leave our stuff in our room until it’s all done and they even refused to let me pay for my cappuccino whilst I waited for Rich to come back.

So I sat there on the terrace in the shade, sipping coffee, reading a book and taking pictures of my bike, haha.

Finally left at 12. Heading towards Crawley at first then turned North towards Guildford. Roads were busy and there were a gazillion roundabouts every 2 miles or so. The area is just too built up to have any longer stretches of country anywhere. A closed off A road into Guildford spoilt our fun as everyone including lorries was now piled up on the quiet B road we had chosen.

After Guildford we finally enjoyed a few miles of very quiet and quaint B roads into Cranleigh. Parked the bikes near the high street and had well earned iced coffee and a light lunch. Blimey 2pm already!

Back on the road at 3. The next stretch took almost two hours and just wouldn’t end. Quite a bit of traffic, traffic lights, roundabouts, 30/40mph speed limits, left here, right there etc etc. Argh! It all mixed into a blur of the same like a badly made cocktail.

We were hot, tired and grumpy when we finally arrived in Marlow at 5pm. Trying not to snap at each other. We’d had it. Walked down the high street looking for a place for a cold drink. Not bad this Marlow.

Of all the places we chose the probably least appealing pub, but it looked nice on the outside and that’s what we were after. Lager shandy for Rich and lime & soda for me and as we sat there in the shade we started to relax by the minute.

Last stint to Buckingham now. It was already 6pm and for once we actually opted for the motorway option saving us a good 20 minutes. We actually enjoyed the 30 miles on the M40, haha. Don’t tell anyone. But it was good to go at speed, put on cruise control and chill. No roundabouts, no traffic lights, no roadworks.

Arrived in Buckingham 7pm after what felt like a very long day. Parked at the last free space in the courtyard of the Villiers Hotel, an old coaching inn just off the start of the high street. Checked in, showers and off for food.

It was eerily quiet but still a lovely little place. Had booked a table at Carnitas, a restaurant.promising Latin American food.

Service was super friendly and good, food mediocre though. What a shame. Music from the cocktail bar opposite was also a bit annoying and slightly spoiling it for us, but we still relaxed and kicked back.

Not bad, but not great either.

Bellies full we walked a couple of minutes down to the river. Very nice indeed, then back to the hotel, totally knacked.

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