Sunday Ride to the Seaside

Left The Dorset Arms at 10:30 after packing up ready to move from our twin room to a double in the afternoon. Next time I pay more attention to what I actually book, haha.

Rode South through lovely woodland at first, then views opened up left and right. The many car parks left and right we’re very bumpy and gravel covered and having just started the day we didn’t bother stopping.

Then a few bigger A roads and some cheeky overtakes around Uckfield before some almost single-track roads through the countryside to cut over to another A road. I was navigating again and I had to laugh as I turned into yet another slightly narrow road in the middle of nowhere when it was Rich on the intercom going: “What, this one? Really?!” Usually it had been me complaining now it was him not wanting to trundle along on his sporty bike.

Arrived in lovely Alfriston 11:30. Passed the obvious car park as I was marvelling at the stunning old houses. Duh! Turned around once more, parked up and walked down to the market place for coffee and cake.

What a find! Stunning old houses in the style so typical for this area lining the roads left and right. Reminded us a bit of the villages and towns we’d been to in France. The whole place was like an outdoor museum.

Two of the pubs claimed to have been been there from as early as the mid-1300s and near the church we found the first house the National Trust ever bought.

The first house the National Trust ever bought

Loved just walking around marvelling at the higgledy-piggledy architecture in places which just gives it a charming touch.

Next we rode the half an hour to Burling Gap expecting stunning sea cliffs and fantastic views, but mist came in from the sea and views where a no-show so we just had a quick look and then headed over to Brighton.

Burling Gap

Arrived in Brighton 2:15pm right on the Marina but with hardly any sea views as it was still misty. Parking can be tricky especially on a Sunday. There is motorcycle parking dotted around for 2-3 bikes so we just had to keep and eye out and hope for the best.

Found indeed parking close to pier. Result. Walked down the steps to the actual beach promenade which was super busy. Not just because it was Sunday.

It happened to be the day for the London to Brighton Classic Car Run. Lots of amazing cars were just pulling up at the beach front. Lucky us. Watched for a bit and walked along the parked up beauties. Then fish and chips at the Madeira Café. Had to be done, right?

Didn’t think I’d EVER see. Shelby Super Snake in the flesh 🤩

Then headed into “The Lanes”, a nice pedestrianised area full of cafes, restaurants and shops. Really liked the vibe. What a mix of people around here. Everything from hippie, hipster, student, retired, posh, tourist… Had a coffee stop at 3:30pm people watching for a bit. Then walked back to the bikes.

Would’ve loved to explore more but lugging helmet and jacket around gets a bit tiring after a while.

Swapped bikes on the way back. Felt a bit weird going from my upright bike onto Rich’s much more forward leaning. But got used to it quickly and boy does it go.

Really enjoyed the hour riding it took us to get back. Chose smaller A and B roads and were once more rewarded with lovely views across the countryside.

Back at The Dorset Arm we settled into our much nicer room, showers and then chilled with a cold drink outside having a chat with another dog owner at the table next to us and smiling at the fact that people take their horse to the pub here. Brilliant!

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