Why going for a walk when the weather is iffy is a good idea

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve felt compelled to write something here. I think we all know why that might be. That one corona virus has messed up all my travel plans for months. Since the end of March we haven’t travelled anywhere, that’s over three months ago.

Instead we did a lot of local walks and cycle rides straight from our door, finding new beauty spots we didn’t even knew existed. But eventually we got a bit stir crazy. A few weeks ago the government allowed us to drive to a beauty spot for exercise and we did a lovely walk from Priddy in the Mendip Hills. We almost felt like being released from prison. Fresh air, bird song, green fields and woodlands. Ah!

Today we did another walk near Priddy 40 mins South of Bristol, starting from a forestry called Stock Hill. Normally a very popular spot we went especially because it was overcast, windy and raining every now and then. We gathered it was going to be less busy and fairly sheltered. Spot on!

Rocked up around mid day, easily found parking and started walking. Birds, trees and a lovely mossy smell from wet foliage. Heaven!

Ready to go
Can’t see the wood for the trees
Gravel good.

Started off on an easy gravel road along the border of the forestry. We saw a couple of dog walkers, but were mostly alone. It was pure therapy for both of us. We needed to get out of the house, out of Bristol and just enjoy some nature.

Rain came and went, so we stayed mostly dry… from the knees up. Found a slightly overgrown path and within seconds my shoes were soaked through, so were our trousers. Ah, never mind. Lunch break under a big tree with an apple, biltong and hot tea from my flask.

Very sheltered lunch break

Left the forestry to walk along a rather busy road having to step off it for all the cars coming. Geez, if you look at the map you would never know it’s a such a busy one.

Turned off it soon enough walking along a few fields slightly uphill then veering off to the East to basically circle around Eaker Hill. Back into the forest we soon found another wet and overgrown path alright. Jikes.

Along the West side of Eaker Hill
Part of Eaker Hill Farm

What we also found though were some very early raspberries. They were tiny and just a few here and there easy to spot in the abundance of raspberry bushes along the path. But boy did they taste good! Must come back a couple of months later when all of them are ripe. What a nice spot we found!

With legs completely soaked up to our thighs we walked back to Stock Hill forestry along the road and back to our car.

Lovely path, but very very wet

Just under 10k we had a fantastic day out and both really needed this. Changed into at least dry shoes at the car and drove the scenic route back home with a happy smile on our faces. You don’t always have to venture far to have a great day outdoors.

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