Eat. Train. Eat. Sleep. Train. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Six days into training now. I tell you, I’m feeling it. My shoulders and arms are knackered from all those push ups and skipping with the heavy Thai rope. Training in 35 degrees doesn’t help either. Each session I burn anywhere between 750 and 900 calories. I’ve got some nice bruises too on my knees and my neck feels stiff after half an hour’s clinch sparring.

However, it’s great fun! And I’m learning a lot. Changes to my stance and getting my technique sorted out. Knees, kicks, even punches I thought I was good at got scrutinised and tweaked. I’m much improved already. Need to get my shoulders loose now and generally just relax more.

I kind of like the daily routine of the camp. There not much to worry about all day. No thinking, no sorting things out. Not problem solving. You just turn up to training and try to recover as much as possible in between. Nursing the little aches and pains we all got. Eat and sleep and be ready for the next session.

Left knee swollen, right knee bruised… Thanks for arnica cream 😅

Thursday night we went out to a Japanese all-you-can-eat sushi and BBQ place. Really nice one. You have to take your shoes off when you sit down at your table and they provide flipflops for when you head over to the buffet. Fresh meat, fish and seafood is in a fridge and the sushi rolls are made fresh of course.

The tables have a hole in the middle where the BBQ with hot coals and a grill is hung. Then you plonk the fresh stuff on.

Five Muay Thai athletes stuffed their faces with as much protein as possible 😂. I’m surprised there was anything left when we departed after and hour and a half of gorging.

Friday morning I was even more tired and knackered. But I still went to the morning session. Just keep going. Had scheduled a private one hour session for 11am as well. I need to get my footwork sorted and stance and everything. It feels like such a difference when I get it right. I feel sharp and quick and efficient. Still stumbling around too much.

We’re often sparring in the afternoon session for a few rounds. Since it’s all guys they’re hitting hard and don’t know it. Haha. Got a nice shot to my solar plexus from the biggest of them and he was surprised I needed a few seconds to recover. 😂

Never mind I’m used to it, but I’m still way too defensive when sparring guys, they not only hit harder, they’re also quicker so I’m too cautious to throw because I don’t want to get hit back. Argh. Need to work on that and go for it.

Two Acai bowls full of heathy stuff. Fruit, nuts, seeds, oats and of course Acai.

So the usual 7:30am and 3pm sessions for 90 mins each Tuesday to Friday. Saturday morning was technique session with our host Sean.

The lovely Café Reverie on site. Breakfast every morning sorted.
Starting with a shake… If it comes before food.
Followed by one of their nice main dishes.

Sunday we went for a long run of 8k. With the morning runs I’ve gotten used to running on the road “in traffic” but the pace is certainly too high for me. I’m not a lean male 30 year-old athlete, haha. I had to hang back a few times so I’m not running at 90% HR all the time.

Half an hour of a bit of light technique work afterwards and my two private sessions are already paying off. Much improved balance and form!

I was knackered afterwards so had an hour’s snooze before taking a Grab to the nearby Central Eastville mall just to do something other than sleeping or reading in my apartment.

Quite nice mall with lots of trees, mostly fashion shops, but a Boots where I scored a 60% reduced insect repellent. Take that mozzies!!!

Just wandered around chilling. Cold brew at Starbucks and some pretty damn good bao buns at the huge food court. Nice for a change.

Perfect Bao
So much choice

Back at the apartment some more reading. In the third attempt I’m finally getting into the flow with this book on Oswald of Northumbria and the early medieval politics of Anglo-Saxons and Britons in the 6th and 7th century.

Mixed in some Peaky Blinders on Netflix as well. When do I have the time to watch stuff at home with training and work taking up most of the day’s time.

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