One Night in Bangkok

There I was again, on a long haul flight, only four weeks after coming back from Australia. Heading East again, it was only 10.5 hours and it felt easy, haha. How things can look different.

Bangkok was my destination as I boarded the plane Friday night. And it was only Bangkok. No onward travel. My suitcase mostly stuffed with exercise related things like shorts, running shoes, boxing gloves and shin guards. Probably not what the ordinary tourist packs for Bangkok. But I didn’t go for the sights. I went for another Muay Thai “holiday”.

Back in 2018 I had gone to Koh Samui for a very similar reason. Two weeks I had stayed in an apartment at Superpro Samui Muay Thai gym, joined the 90min morning session at 7am and had done a 1-2-1 in the afternoons. In between it had been pretty much eat, sleep, mooch around.

This time in Bangkok it’s slightly different. I’m still living in an apartment on site at Khongsittha Muay Thai gym and I’m training in the morning and afternoon. But this time it’s a bit more organised. I’ve booked one of Sean Fagan’s (“Muay Thai Guy”) camps, where people can join for 2 or 4 weeks, they train together, go for food or sightseeing, go to fights etc. You can join any of the activities, or not. Whatever you like. Sounded great so I booked two weeks.

Arrived in the city Saturday afternoon. I found the airport slightly confusing. There were two places for immigration for instance. Still got through everything quite smoothly. Picked up a SIM card with data to stick into a second phone and tether to mine and then got onto my pre-arranged taxi. No faffing.

My hotel in the city was pretty nice. Porter picked up my luggage and after check in also brought it up to my room. I’m absolutely not used to this in a box standard hotel, haha. Room spacious with air con, yes! Quick change of clothes and then heading out for… well, dinner I guess. For my UK circadian clock it was lunch.

Google had found a nice Thai restaurant with good reviews just around the corner. Just before 6pm was a perfect time to easily find a table. It was busy, with very simple tables and chairs, at least 5 waiters running around, but brilliant food. Had a pork and egg soup and a crab meat omelette and was stuffed! All for £5.50 including a Thai Iced Tea.

Just wandered around for a bit afterwards, finding my way along some very busy streets and some very much deserted ones. There were lots of restaurants with tables outside, lots of street food around, quirky shops selling all sorts of things from tourist tack to scrap metal.

Walked around the massive Royal Palace which took what seemed like an eternity. Only saw a few scattered tourists around, otherwise it was pretty quiet. Felt odd to do all of this alone. Although I’m pretty used to it and happy to walk off on my own, I really missed Rich. It’s just much nicer to enjoy exploring a new city together.

One of the many impressive temples.
And another one.
Not my hostel, but looks pretty cool from the outside.

Back at the hotel I just chilled a bit, watched the rest of Scorsese’s monumentally long The Irishman, which I had started, but not finished watching on the plane. Nice and easy first few hours in Bangkok. Heading over to my apartment and the gym tomorrow. Bring on Muay Thai training!

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