46 Degrees. Survived.

One last day in town for us today before jumping onto the first of four flights home tomorrow morning.

Packed most of our stuff in the morning, very sensible I know. Then drove to Leichhardt, another Sydney suburb West of the city centre. Today was promising temperatures with a 4 as first digit and at 9am it was already 33C!

Parked the car around 10:30 in a quiet street, near the main through road. Stepping out from the cool air in the car to the heat outside was a difference of roughly 20 deg and like stepping into an oven.

Had breakfast in a small café then did a short loop. It was too hot to do more. The neighbourhood had once more a different feel to it. Houses had a different style, quite a few closed premises, but also lovely little cafés and Italian restaurants. The other main street we turned into was a bit run down and grubby whilst the little side streets were quiet and lovely.

Dropped off the rental car at 12:45. Will miss the easy cruising way of driving our Commodore, but my new car is only 8 weeks or so out. Patience you must have my young padawan.

Walked 15 mins across to Pitt St. It didn’t feel as hot anymore. Maybe 33 or so? Funny how you get used to the heat and 33 feels nice and cool, haha.

Dropped into an old school shopping mall and then just wandered past all the shops outside heading South and West towards Edition Coffee Roasters, a quite unusual coffee shop in Paddington near China Town.

Got there by 3pm. Had iced coffees and I couldn’t resist but order one of their famous Japanese souffle pancakes.

It took quite a while to get my food, but the soufflé was amazing. With pistachio cream, crispy raspberries, rhubarb and mint.

Then walked to the train station, grabbed some bears on the way and made our way out North West to Rouse Hill. It was quite a long trek, half of it on the brand new Metro connecting this far flung area.

Striped it into 46C. Oof! The metro had been almost too cold, so we stepped into a plus 26 difference or so. Wow. That was a first for both of us.

Got picked up by one of our friends and once more welcomed the aircon in his car.

Drove to more friends of friends who lived in a massive house or here. Never been in such a big property. It was huge! Quite a group of super nice people there. There was a BBQ and drinks and chatted well into the night. Really lovely evening… Inside… Aircon.

At 10pm it was still 33C outside. The cooling Southerly should not arrive before 3am so we had a very warm first part of the night. I never tried to sleep in 28C or so. Never want to do that again either haha.

Awesome last day. Bye bye Sydney! We had a blast. Off now to our long journey home.


  1. Hi kat. I really enjoyed looking at your blog for Australia. What an amazing trip! I think I like the look of the Blue Mountains the best. Did you have a highlight?


    • Hard to pick a highlight. Our trip to Byron Bay maybe. I just love the vibe of small surfer/beach towns.
      Also our guided day in the Blue Mountains. Had everything we could ask for.
      Seeing koalas and manta rays and dolphins on Straddie was also a highlight.


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