More Blue Mountains

Our second day in the Blue Mountains started very similar to our first. I hadn’t slept well again, just being wide awake for no apparent reason most of the night. Still got up as early as 5am to catch the sunrise. I couldn’t sleep anyway.

Just like the day before it was misty outside. Not as much but still misty. I still drove the 15 mins to Lincoln’s Rock viewpoint just in case, but it was for nothing. Thick fog resulted in zero views. And I mean zero. Well, at least I tried.

Back at the apartment I blogged and chilled, dragging Rich out of bed eventually. Packed up and left around half 10 and headed over to The Red Door in Leura for breakfast, a place Matt had recommended and indeed it was a welcome recommendation. Food was excellent and plenty.

Salt Cod Fritters

Five minute drive to Leura Cascades car park which was fairly quiet yet at 11am. I had found a moderately challenging 5k circular walk from here on the NSW National Parks app and downloaded it so we could use it offline with the accompanying map. Really very useful as it turned out, because we struggled finding the entrance to the path for going counterclockwise. We could only see the path directly leading to the cascades.

Eventually we found a path further up the road, but this one also led towards the cascades. Ah, well, clockwise it is then. Send like fate wanted us to go this way.

Down and up steps we went once more through lush green with massive rock overhangs here and there. We loved it.

Upper Leura Cascades
Lush green…
Lush views

Came to a junction where we wanted to turn right, but there was a sign saying that Amphitheatre track was closed and there was a little map. No idea if our path would go to the closed off area. I tried comparing maps but neither the paths on both nor the orientation matched.

We just went down then, we could always go back. It was a steep decent with plenty of steps into the moist valley floor, a welcome difference to all that bone dry bush we had seen so much off on our trip.

Dropped out at the bottom of Leura Cascades, a wide open area dominated by a ginormous sandstone outcrop with water running down it. We stood there for a moment, frozen in awe by this stunning vista.

The most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen. Photo doesn’t capture the sheer size of it.

Then wandered around the base of this most beautiful waterfall trying to catch every angle of it. Eventually we settled on a big boulder by the side just enjoying this amazing wonder of nature. There we just two other people so we basically had it all to ourselves.

We could’ve sat there for hours, but eventually had to go back up. The continuation of our walk was impossible from here due to the closure, so we made our way up the popular path along the cascades that culminate in what we had just seen.

Plenty of those little guys around

Back into Leura for ice cream and a wander around the many lovely shops. We really liked this place a lot more than Katoomba. It had a relaxed atmosphere about it whilst Katoomba felt dated, like one of those old sea side towns we have to many of in the UK that are still stuck in the 70s.

We had another little walk on our list. An easy 1.5k loop nearby from the Gordon Falls picnic area. We were basically alone on this one again. It was getting pretty hot in the early afternoon sun with gauge pointing at 33C.

The trees gave some shade as we plunged once more down into thick bush with a path pretty overgrown in places leading to a little cove and then back to the car park.

That was bush walking done for us. It was hot and sweaty and we had had our fill.

On the way out we made the detour to Lincoln’s Rock. In the morning I had had the feeling that it might actually be a pretty cool viewpoint, despite no evidence to support this, haha.

Only a few people where here. It seems like the Blue Mountains have a few very popular spots, but when you take just a couple of steps away from those you’re getting the full Blue Mountains experience without the crowds. You just have to know where to go.

The wide smooth rock platform of Lincoln’s Rock offered indeed a superb 180deg view. It wasn’t as hazy as yesterday and we could clearly see the blue aura of the mountains the is created by vaporised oil from the many eucalyptus trees.

Walked around the edge looking this way and that, sat down for a bit and took it all in.

At the height of the day’s heat we had enough after a while and the aircon at full blast in our car was more than welcome.

I dozed off for quite a bit whilst Rich was driving back into Sydney. Two pretty sleepless nights took their toll.

Back in Turramurra at 5pm we had showers and chilled for the rest of the day with our friends.

What a fantastic end to our Australia trip. Really loved the Blue Mountains and whilst we’ve only seen a tiny bit of it we still felt we made the most of our two days there.

One more (very very hot) hurrah in Sydney on Saturday, then we’re off back home.

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