A Lazy Saturday in Sydney

We didn’t really leave the house until half 12 today due to deciding we could do with the exercise and walk 20mins up to the shops before properly starting the day.

It was already boiling hot at like 10am, but once committed we didn’t really want to turn back to get the car.

Got a coffee and then some breakfast bits to treat our hosts with over the next couple of days before walking the 20mins back to the house. Struggled with the front door lock for a bit but eventually found our way in drenched in sweat by now.

Quick change of clothes and then back the same way to the train station. Same walk three times today, we had already covered 10,000 steps before we even got started.

Train got us to Wynyard right in the centre. From there it was only a short walk to the Botanical Gardens via a coffee shop for iced coffees.

The gardens were vast, beautiful and we’ll worth half a days wander, but we really only had time for a short-ish visit.

This is a new breed called “Fireworks”. Kinda makes sense.
Golden Shrimp Plant
I LOVE a patch of wild flowers.

Did a bit of reccie for a good spot for the fireworks on Potts Point marvelling at the big warships moored there. Without success (tbh it was a punt at best anyway) we turned South into Woolloomooloo again to one of our most liked watering holes of the trip: The Old Fitzroy.

Beers nicely quenched our thirst at this quirky pub. Researched a restaurant for lunch/dinner as we were getting really hungry now. No surprise… 16:30 already!

Dropped a visit to Pitt Street and its malls and shops and instead went straight South into Surrey Hills, another “new” neighbourhood for us and the area where we were going to meet our hosts later along with a few more friends of Rich’s.

We really liked the walk down. Again a slightly different atmosphere and vibe here. Many more of those beautiful terraced houses with wrought iron balconies. Soon accompanied by more bars and restaurants along the never ending Bourke Street.

Our list of food places had nothing on it that was around Surrey Hills so we had to ask Google Maps and eventually found Bare Grills a place mainly offering a vast variety of different burgers. Whilst the interior was a bit so-so, the menu certainly was to our liking. A whole laminated page of burgers galore and the challenge of making a choice.

Rich went for a double patty, quadruple cheese and a lot of other stuff beast called Cure, I went a bit lighter with a chicken, avocado, coleslaw one. This place even offered Raclette to go with “anything”. Half a wheel of Raclette cheese was grilled off the traditional way, then lugged to the table and the pretty much liquid yummyness scraped onto your food. Wow.

Our burgers were pretty darn good, to be honest. Full of flavour with a bun that held most bits into place for quite some time, haha. Nothing beats that. Stuffed we wobbled out to walk down to the Dove & Olive to meet Rich’s friends. Awesome suggestion by our hosts. Lovely cosy interior with old lamp shades, dark wooden tiling, carpet floor. A little bit like a typical London pub. It was also a micro brewery and had not only their own but also guest craft beer on tap. Perfect.

Beers were had, and once more I met some lovely new friends of Rich’s. We had a great time before moving on to Newtown with the main drag King Street busy and bustling, people heading into bars, restaurants or clubs. Very different again, more of a party/going-out area. The guys were now hungry so we stepped into Thai Podthong, the biggest Thai restaurant I’ve ever seen over two floors and pretty much every table taken. And they had four Transformers made of scrap metal right by the entrance. Random! But awesome!

Rich and me had only cocktails, whilst the others had food. Shame we weren’t hungry, but our lunch had simply been waaaaay too late! I had finally found a very decent Mojito, thanks Thai Podthong!!! Food looked fantastic, too. Should we have another day in the city, we may actually make our way down here for food.

Another brilliant find was Mary’s afterwards. A totally unassuming side street entrance with no sign had us step into the dark main bar area with walls completely covered in graffiti, the drinks and food menu, band names and swear words. Upstairs was a large balcony with tables mainly for people eating. We found a table downstairs for the seven of us, enjoying the variety of music being played. Anything from Slayer to Rod Steward to old 80s songs. Brilliant. This was Rich and me all over!

He sure does! Awesome place!

Half past 11pm we called it a day. Rock ‘n Roll baby!!! Caught a train back and had one last little chill back at the house before it was definitely bedtime.

Bit of a weird day today. Feels like we didn’t do much, but still had a great time. Quite some walking again, which is probably a good idea thinking of all the food and drinks we’re having. Awesome choice of venues for the night, so we both went to bed very very happy.


  1. If that’s a quiet day I need to read what else you’ve been up to. Sounds busy to me!

    Lovely to meet you and sorry I had to go to the cricket, although it was lots of fun – maybe add one game to your itinerary! If we don’t catch up again have a great time for the rest of your trip.



    • Was nice to meet you Kath, hope you enjoyed the game :). Yes, that’s a lazy day for us, haha. Normally up early doing lots of things, but every now and then a bit of just chilling is needed.


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