Happy Aussie Christmas

Had a pretty chilled 24th of December. Trip down to Sydney went very smoothly. Quiet airport before the storm basically.

Got picked up around 3pm by Rich’s friend Gary and the oldest daughter Caitlin (9). Really grateful for the pick up. My suitcase had a broken wheel so quite literally had to drag it around. Instantly liked Gary and Caitlin a lot, both super nice and easy going. No warm up period whatsoever, haha.

Drive to their house in Turramurra took maybe 45mins. There we met the other half of the family, Jess and then youngest daughter Lex (6). Both just as lovely as the other two. Totally get why Rich is so fond of the four. 🥰

Settled in at their lovely sightly quirky house with a big garden out back. Just chilling on the sofa. I have in to do a bit of trampoline jumping with the girls. A first for me and as much fun as it is exercise. Then a lovely dinner with an absolutely amazing Thai beef salad and some kangaroo steaks on the side. All whilst the sun was setting and the bird life around us went into the pre-bedtime craziness. I was quite amazed by the countless parrots in the trees. It’s normal for the Aussies, but for me, I’d only seen them in a zoo.

Cockatoo in the garden.

Christmas Day was all about family tradition. The girls had been up since 5:30 or so. We got up around 8 being shown the girls new presents of course. Big excitement.

Tradition number one followed which was a swim down by the beach. Arrived around 9:15am and already it was really busy. I had a lovely walk along the beach and over some smooth sandstone rock whilst everyone else was jumping into the waves. Can’t be bothered with water. Escaping the busy beach was much more to my liking. Sat on the rocks with a big grin on my face watching the waves foam and crash into gaps creating spray as high as 20ft or so. Bliss!

North Beaches near Freshwater

Back for lunch at the house we had some ham and eggs. The ham was a 7kg beast our hosts had prepared the day before. Tradition number two: a glass of bubbly with lunch.

I had an hour’s snooze before more of the family arrived. Food was dished out on platters whilst we chilled in the garden. Fresh fruit, sashimi, veg and hummus, oysters…

Dinner was just as amazing, three big salads, fresh prawns, more ham, green Thai curry salmon, bread, everything so fresh and full of flavour. What a difference to the traditional hearty and heavy food back home. I really enjoyed it.

Amazing Christmas with Rich’s friends and their family. So relaxed and can’t thank them enough for letting us stay with them and dishing out all that food and drink! We’re truly grateful.

Felt like the best Christmas ever to me. We’ve escaped the very in your face way it is in Europe. There are a few decorations here but they are sparse. The sun and 30C are perfect and just sitting by the sea enjoying the view and watching the waves was probably my favourite moment of the day.

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