Two Weeks Bike Touring Come to an End – Vannes – Caen

One last hurrah on Sunday for us and we were determined to enjoy it, hoping for more varied roads than on our ride from La Rochelle to Vannes.

Had a baguette for breakfast we had bought the day before and then saddled up to leave Vannes, at 10am, both sat to leave this lovely place.

Rode through lots of woodland at first with many small Cotswold-esk villages, so pretty with their light coloured sandstone houses, that they would even stand out, moved to the actual Cotswolds along the likes of Castlecombe or Tetbury.

Once more we cut through the peace and quiet with our rumbling bikes as we cruised through long sweeping corners and small settlements. Plumelec and Trégranteur were gorgeous, but it was too early to stop yet.

More straight and open roads followed before we got quite hungry itching for a coffee and a bite. We weren’t to repeat previous mistakes of leaving it too long and then have all the bars and restaurants stop serving their lunch menus.

As we came through Bécherel at 12 we took a punt as it looked very lovely and turned off into the town centre. Glad we did. Passed a square with – no kidding – at least ten book shops, before we parked the bikes right in front of a small restaurant, which was just about to open.

Bookshops everywhere

Turned out to serve creole food as the friendly owners wife was Creole. Brilliant. Had a tuna dish with black drive and rich had a pork curry. Both really really good. Homemade sorbet and tiramisu for dessert. Again very good. What a find!

Yummy Creole food

Back on the road after almost two hours of a break, oops. More open roads followed and more small villages and towns as we made our way towards Caen. Turns here and there and the changing scenery made it very enjoyable. That and the nice 21C. No sweating for once.

Very typical French road

After Vire nice views opened up over surrounding fields and after some more twisty roads we were treated to brilliant views over the very flat lands that surround Caen.

Only a few twisties, but still very enjoyable riding

Arrived in Caen 17:15. Parked outside the hotel and checked in. Then went for food. Lots of places were closed, so we eventually ended up at a British themed bar with actually pretty good food. Rich chose a burger and I went for their signature dish, a massive bowl of “healthy shit” with lentils, carrots, green salad, chickpeas, beetroot, chicken breast and other goodies.

Caen… not our favourite of places.

Walked around the ramparts of the local château for a bit then back to the hotel to pack for an early start on Monday.

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