Point to Point on a Steelhorse

I do like those point to point journeys. You have a start point, you turn up with all your gear neatly packed (i.e. crammed) into your bag(s) of choice. You’re full of excitement, having planned this for months, all of it now finally happening. Looking ahead to days or weeks of seeing something new every day, new landscapes, new villages or towns, meet new people. What will the weather do? Will I stick to the plan (I never do, haha)? Did I forget to pack something important?

I’ve done those trips a few times and I really love them. I’ve walked the Llyn Coast Path, I’ve walked Pembrokeshire and South West Ireland and South East Germany. Walked. Yes.Now this time I started off on a different journey. And not just I. We.

Sunday June 30, Rich and I left the un-British heat of Bristol for Plymouth. The famous port marked the end of the first stage of a two-week trip through Spain, Andorra and France on our motorbikes! Yet, it wasn’t even the real start.The ferry would take us across to Santander on the Spanish Costa Verde where our motorbike adventure through the Pyrenees would start for real.Left Bristol around noon after enough faff being the bikes loaded up, hoping we hadn’t forgotten anything super important.

Weather was nice, a mix of sun and clouds, with a bit more clouds in the mix, so it wasn’t as tropical as the day before.Avoiding the motorway we cruised through Somerset and Devon ever South genuinely enjoying the journey more than focusing on our destination.Break at a very welcome roadside Starbucks for some iced coffees just before Exeter. Then onwards to Plymouth.

Before setting off we had anticipated to have actually a few breaks and plenty of time, but after filling up just off the Devon Expressway, we arrived at the ferry port in Plymouth 16:15. With boarding said to close at 17:00 we had only time for a quick coffee at the adjacent café, watching about 5 motorbikes for every car making their way onto the ferry. Wow!

We joined them shortly after. Boarding was super easy and luckily we weren’t chosen for a spot check at security. Parked up in the belly of the ship and got a sweat on even before getting off the bike. It was a sauna down there!!! More so for Rich who had a bit of a faff sorting just the essentials from his panniers to take to the cabin whilst the bags stayed on.Found our cabin easily after following the signs turning countless times, soon having no idea where we were in relation to any other part of the ship.
Showers were had after the sweat-fest downstairs, when the ship was setting off at 17:45, then some left over food we had brought and a lengthy snooze. We were both pooped!

Had some dinner which was alright and not as overpriced as feared. Now getting some drinks and meet up with my biker work colleague who happens to be on the very same boat. What are the chances, eh?

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