The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond

Another low level walk today. Weather didn’t look too bad, but better on Saturday for a mountain, so it was a choice between Glen Lochay or Loch Lomond. Having driven at least an hour to all of my walks so far, made the Loch Lomond walk a firm favourite. Booked the ferry from Tarbet to Inversnaid online for 10am and the bus back to Tarbet from Inveranan for 15:40. Easy!

I had done this walk years back and remembered it was quite nice, but more exhausting than it looked on the map. From Inversnaid on the East side of Loch Lomond I would walk on the West Highland Way North along the shore for most of the way, then slightly inland all the way to a campsite and crossing a bridge to the West drop out right at The Drovers Inn, a legendary pub right on the A82.

With the walk only being 11.5k I pondered running it, but it would’ve certainly been a more advanced trail run with lots of rocks and roots and ups and downs. The plan was to recover a bit before my last mountain day of the week and not to start my Mountain Leader training completely exhausted next week.

Drove the five minutes to Tarbet and had just enough time for a quick cappuccino, sipping my hot drink at the pier gazing over the waters of Loch Lomond as they glistered in the sun.

My ferry left bang on 10am for the half hour journey across to Inversnaid. Once more I was blessed with great weather. Good enough sit up on the top and enjoy the views all around.

The hotel car (or shall I say bus) park is not a place you want to linger on for too long, so I went straight on to the signposted West Highland Way.

The path was an easy mix of gravel and rocks at first but soon involved more roots and big boulders to navigate. All great fun and Loch Lomond never further than just a few meters to the left. All those mossy trees around me and the ground covered in bluebells, it was absolutely lovely walking.

Had a tea break at one of the many places where you can go right to the shore and then basically walked through all the way to the finish line. The sun vanished behind thicker cloud around lunch time and it was the usual jacket on/jacket off game for a while, but after all a very enjoyable and easy day.

It had only taken me three hours to do the 11k without particularly rushing it and I was happy for a shorter day. After all the legendary Drovers Inn was waiting at the end for me. When I arrived just after half 1 there were at least two dozen bikes parked outside. Holy moly! Would I get a table inside at all? Turned out I got pretty much the last one!

The Drovers Inn

Got me a pint of Drovers Blonde at the bar and ordered a venison burger from the specials board. Ah, happy days. Sat there in my corner, loving the atmosphere and sipping my cold drink.

Bus at 15:40 got me back to my car and I chilled a bit in my room in the afternoon. Lovely day again today with one of my favourite low level walks in the area. It was nice not to drive for more than ten minutes altogether today and The Drovers Inn is always a winner.

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